The Design Thinking: Strategy For Innovations That Drive Growth And Profitability

What makes companies like Apple, Coco-Cola, Nike, and IBM so successful? What is their success ingredient that helps them dominate their sectors? The answer is… customer-centric innovation. You might have heard Steve Job’s quote: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.” The super successful companies and businesses innovate and solve problems through design. 

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The future of innovation and problem-solving in work depends on the design thinkers with a holistic approach.

Design thinking arranges the tools and strategies that act as a catalyst to innovation through design. 

Got it? Yes? Perfect! 

No? Here’s another way to define Design Thinking: 

Florida State University defines design thinking as – “An analytic and creative process that engages a person in opportunities to experiment, create and prototype models, gather feedback, and redesign.” 

Businesses are employing design thinking to stay ahead of their competition to drive growth and profitability. 

Design thinking may seem like a difficult concept. Here is a simple breakdown of activities involved in design thinking: 

1. Know your users and their problems. 
2. Come up with innovative solutions by learning as much as possible about your customers.
3. Use creativity and critical thinking to come up with problem solution.
4. Using the human-centric solutions build a prototype that you can test with your customers. 

Design Thinking is increasingly getting popular. While I was researching I found a two-day workshop which is going to be organized in New Delhi, India. If you want to learn about design thinking here are some details about the workshop as listed on goeventz portal: 

Workshop Name: Design Thinking Workshop.
Date: Nov 5 and Nov 6 2016.
Venue: Hotel Novotel New Delhi Aerocity, Karnal Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India.
Class Size: No more than 15 participants. 

The workshop name “Design Thinking” suggests the workshop may deal with design. But no prior design experience is required to attend this workshop as “Design Thinking” is about using critical thinking and creativity to come up with innovative solutions to problems. 

This workshop is for all the professionals from any industry who are on a mission to seek and employ new approaches to problem-solving and find innovative solutions. 

If you are interested, get yourself enrolled before it’s too late: 2 Days Design Thinking Workshop In Delhi. 

Design Thinking
Design Thinking

Wrapping up!

Design Thinking is increasingly becoming popular in the business world. Design thinking makes the customer the focal point of design for solving problems. 

The workshop seems to be a good fit for those professionals who want scale up their business with customer-centered design and empathy-driven solutions. 

Have you ever heard about this buzzword “Design Thinking”? If yes, share your insights by tweeting to me at @Rohanlicious. 

You may find more information about other interesting workshops and events at goeventz portal.

How to Be Stress Free and Enjoy Life?

How to be stress free and enjoy life
How To Be Happy? 

We all want a stress-free life and a peaceful mind. You can enjoy your life and perform at your best if you can actively work to lower your stress. 

One cannot be 100% stress-free all the time. But we can certainly lower our stress levels to achieve life balance and lead a happy life. 

Here are 3 ways which helped me reduce stress in my life and it can help you too. 

1. Get up early and exercise. 

As your day unfolds, your energy levels might go down and you may feel tired. 

So it is always advised to exercise early in the morning as your body is completely recharged when you wake up after 6 or 7 hours sleep. 

Early morning workout increases your stamina, keeps you energized all day and burns off your stress. 

Getting up early and exercising is one of the most effective habits of highly successful business people. 

2. Don’t check your phone as soon as when your alarm goes off in the morning. 

I have a confession to make. I keep my phone next to me so that when I wake up, I could check my notifications. 

I start replying to emails which will take hardly a few minutes and reply to social media updates. 

I’m trying to change this habit. 

This productivity video by Jay Howard will show you how to flip the switch from being reactive to being proactive. 

Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. Tweet

Instead of checking your social media feeds, plan your to-do list for the day and prioritize your important goals. 

Kathleen Hall, Atlanta-based stress expert and founder of The Mindful Living Network says — 

Checking your email or social media might tell you what’s new in the past 8 hours, but it will also cause your stress hormones to soar: Your recently resting brain suddenly has to process all this information, sending it into panic mode in order to wake up faster.” 

So, avoid checking your phone just after you wake up to live a stress-free life. We’re all in this together! 

3. Relieve physical and mental stress by getting dirty. 

Here, by suggesting you to get dirty, I ask you to be a nature lover. 

To reduce your stress causing hormones, grow a small garden; it’s easy and you can see some ideas here, cultivate a flower box filled with your favorite flowers. 

Or like me if you live on the third floor of a building or tower you’ve got very limited space, still you can plant a few flower pots — indoors or out. 

connect with nature to reduce stress
Flower box

Experts say,“Just putting your hands in soil is ‘grounding.’ And when life feels like you’re moving so fast your feet are barely touching the stuff, being mentally grounded can help relieve physical and mental stress.” 

Over to you! 

I invite you to share some of your daily routines in the comments section below which help you relieve stress. 

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Charles Gordon: My Tips On Self Development And Creating Relationships

Charles Gordon author of the “The secrets of Empowerment” 

Charles Gordon author of “The Secrets of Empowerment” shares some of his expert tips on creating networks and personal development within those connections.


For years children have been reared on the proverbs extolling the importance of wisely selecting one’s associates. Words such as “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” are frequently branded into the impressionable minds of young ones by any means necessary.

The reason why a person’s associates can be likened to a symbolic crystal ball for the future is understood against the backdrop of peer pressure. 

When venturing into business, it is very important that when selecting associates try not to allow your heart to rule your head. 

As the clueless soul who falls prey to the crew mentality or the individual who has only known crap company will find that they will eventually end up being lead by the blind, who can only direct him to a future of monotony, confusion and failure.

I know many a successful entrepreneur who vowed that if they ever made it they would never turn their back on their buddies, but change the tune if necessary. Some have even assisted their friends who have had the attitude needed to follow the road to Empowerment.

So when choosing associates select those who are staring at the stars, rather than the gutter and those who think outside the box, rather than those who may cause you to end up in the box. 

Even if some of your fondest memories revolve around certain colorful characters who you have known way back when, if they are dragging you down rather than lift you up to the stars make changes!


When in Rome do as the Romans do” meaning try to go along with local customs and traditions as much as possible so as not to insult. Also meaning, adapt to the environment that surround you.

The early century Romans considered those who failed to act like them as outcasts, and as humans we still have the tendency to reject those things or people who are viewed as alien to us. 

So if you are aiming to attain influence, you must realize that you can’t afford to be too different from those who oil the wheel of power, otherwise you will be rejected.

Learn how to adapt to the different environments like a chameleon as those in power are unlikely to allow you in unless they are convinced of earning money from a partnership with you– the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” principle. That’s why it is often said that money breeds money, and the same can be true of power.

As I’ve often related to in the past, when I was a young man coming up into the business world, I thought taking a trip to the bank in a tracksuit to ask for a loan was an alright thing to do. 

Then I later learnt that dressing informally for a formal occasion took the seriousness out of my request and I looked like an alien to the banker who had to deal with me. 

To some people, adapting to the environment may seem like selling out and it might be, if a long-term goal isn’t in place. However, always being aware of your surroundings in the world of business can result in people seeing you for what you want them to see you as: successful.


A business person without a network isn’t a business person.” – Charles GordonTweet

The popular saying that to get ahead of life what’s most important is not what you know, but who you know. 

Charles Gordon

Which in this context can be proven true, as many have wasted precious time hitting their heads against figurative glass ceilings, getting all battered and bruised, when they could simply use the key of networking to go through the door of opportunity.

The reality of life is that although a brilliant business mind may theoretically know how to earn a million selling particular product or service, trying to pry open the doors that will make it all happen is a completely different challenge. An effective network can bridge the gap.

Your network or contacts are the keys that are used when necessary to unlock the door of opportunity. 

These individuals influence are persons who can say to the door-keeper: “If you scratch my back, you know I’ll scratch yours, and what’s more, I can vouch for this guy’s credibility.

However, contacts are not only needed when trying to enter the door of opportunity. 

They are there for you when you are on your personal development journey. You should also play your part in developing them, because overtime it will seem like you’re using them for their power. Even though you are, view it as a long-term investment which can help to earn a healthy profit by clinching deals and developing formidable reputations.

The secrets of emPOWERment

So from these few tips networking and personal development in the business world wouldn’t seem as hard. Maybe a challenge. By following the rules of society you will end up with just satisfactory, but thinking outside of the box will lead to Empowerment

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It’s My Birthday Today. Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far.

I turn nineteen on Tuesday, November 10th. 

Below is the looping video of my birthday cake firework. (Click-to-play) 

I’m incredibly happy about all the cool things I did last year. And I’ve learned so many lessons through my blogging and academic life.

The thing that I’m most proud of is the goals that I’ve accomplished. Last year, I publicly shared my goals with you and guess what… I achieved all of them plus some more!

I got opportunity to help so many people and worked with some great thought leaders and influencers. 2015 was very busy for me and I almost felt like I’m living a dream.

The BEST thing that happened to me was I realized what I’m passionate about. And in the coming year you’re going to see me executing a lot of crazy ideas. I promise, the best is yet to come. 😉

I’ve compiled a list of my own quotes and lessons that I want to share with you. Every quote I’ve written so far is a lesson that I’ve learned.

1. “The world accepts normal, but never admires it.” – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

The world accepts normal but never admires it rohan chaubey
“The world accepts normal, but never admires it”. – Rohan Chaubey. 

2. “I’m not here to play the game, I’m here to change the game.” – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

"I'm not here to play the game, I'm here to change the game." - Rohan Chaubey.
“I’m not here to play the game, I’m here to change it.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

3. “If being nice is being fake, I would prefer being fake.” – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

"If being nice is being fake, I would prefer being fake." - Rohan Chaubey.
“If being nice is being fake, I would prefer being fake.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

4. “Hug your haters and kill them with your kindness.” – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

"Hug your haters and kill them with your kindness." - Rohan Chaubey.
“Hug your haters and kill them with your kindness.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

5. If you believe in God: “Revenge will lead you to nowhere, but forgiveness leads you closer to God.” – Rohan Chaubey.Tweet

If you’re Atheist or Agnostic: “Revenge will lead you to nowhere, but forgiveness leads you closer to peace.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

"Revenge will lead you to nowhere, but forgiveness leads you closer to God." - Rohan Chaubey.
“Revenge will lead you to nowhere, but forgiveness leads you closer to God.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

6. “Appreciating the good in others creates an endless goodness ripple in the world.” – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

"Appreciating the good in others creates an endless goodness ripple in the world." - Rohan Chaubey.
“Appreciating the good in others creates an endless goodness ripple in the world.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

7. “The law of kindness and reciprocity is more important than pictures with a fake smile on social media.” – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

"The law of kindness and reciprocity is more important than pictures with a fake smile on social media." - Rohan Chaubey.
“The law of reciprocity is more important than pictures with a fake smile on social media.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

8. “It’s cool to be thoughtful, caring and kind. It’s so uncool to be impolite. Let’s redefine COOL.” – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

"It's cool to be thoughtful, caring and kind. It's so uncool to be impolite. Let's redefine COOL." - Rohan Chaubey.
“It’s cool to be thoughtful, caring and kind. It’s so uncool to be impolite. Let’s redefine COOL.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

9. “In school you learn that you’re stupid if you fail, but you’re being lied to.” – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

"In school you learn that you're stupid if you fail, but you're being lied to." - Rohan Chaubey.
“In school you learn that you’re stupid if you fail, but you’re being lied to.” – Rohan Chaubey. 

There you have it. 

You’re probably wondering what my 10th lesson is, right? 

I believe YOU are supremely talented and I always try to learn from everyone I meet. 

On my birthday I wish to learn from you. 

Can you tell me ONE important lesson that you’ve learned in your life? That is all I want from you for my birthday. 

Just leave a comment below. It would make my day. 

It’s My Birthday Today. Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far. #Rohanlicious via @techbluemoon

— Rohan Chaubey (@TechBluemoon) November 9, 2015

(❤❤ Ferrero Rocher on the cake ❤❤ ) 

Thanks for being my friend, teacher, and a great supporter. I appreciate you so much! 

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Be Rohanlicious – Real, Optimistic, Honest, Admirable, Nice, Leader, Inspiration, Creative, Insightful, Opportunistic, Unique and Selfless. 

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8 Industry Experts Share Their Top Ways to Get Real Attention Online [Expert Speak 3]

Imagine if you could launch your own product and get hundreds and thousands of customers buying from you. 

How would you feel if you could grow your business to the point that online is just a supplement to the core business?

Ever dreamt of being known by everyone as a successful entreprenuer or blogger and build a network that moves the land even when you are offline for a long time?

Do you want more from your online business — more money, more support and more customers?

At Be Rohanlicious, me and my readers believe in taking things to the next level. That is why,  we have invited REAL celebrity experts that will help you with their proven strategies to take your game to the next level.

Please help me in welcoming globally recognized speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, web television hosts, life coaches, bloggers and the heroes that rule the hearts of millions.
Expert Speak 3

Last two months I spent researching and finding influencers that could teach you how to become famous and get real attention online. I’ve been working for almost two months on this post.

We see blog posts that tell us, “Make People Want You” but they never actually want you to know the little secret that will help you to take your game to the next level.

Until now, most of us never knew how high profile influencers and celebrities lead their tribes. In this post, influencers themselves have agreed to join hands to help you shine online. They’re willing to share their strategies that are proven to help you achieve the best in your online endeavours.

How To Beat Your Competition Online? 

Do you’ve a book, digital product or service to sell to your audience? Neil Patel shared his winning strategy on how to beat the competition in a talk with Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of Mindvalley) —

Niel Patel
Neil Patel

“In the business world people think you should have the best product and be the smartest to win, it is usually the person who is most liked and the most well networked that typically wins. 

So instead of spending your time just focusing purely on building your product or company you gotta figure out how to network and be loved. What I mean by being loved is try to figure out what makes you unique versus anyone else.” – Neil Patel. 

Tweetable: “In the business world, the person who is most liked and the most well networked typically wins.” – Neil Patel. Tweet

About Niel: Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama. Know more about him by visiting his blog quicksprout. 

Niel Patel’s Winning Formula

I found a great video on Marie Forleo’s website on how to hide your industry secrets or business secret sauce. Make sure you watch it till the end and then continue reading.

This video was originally published on and I’ve got permission from Team Forleo to re-publish it here. 

About Marie: Marie Forleo is an American life coach, motivational speaker, author and web television host. She is the owner of Marie Forleo International, B-School and MarieTV. Want to know about her latest product? Visit

I’m sure you’ve met people who love to pick your brain, but ultimately the control is in your hands whether you want to share your secrets with them or not. 
Eric Michael Pearson Photography

Be wise while sharing sensitive business/blogging secrets with your competitors and share your gifts with people who truly deserve it. 

How will you find out who deserves to know the recipe of your secret sauce? 

Every time someone asks you a question try to answer this question — Is this person trustworthy? Do he/she believes in reciprocity? 

If the answer is no, say “No” to people who want to pick your brain. 

Rise Above The Noise

Do you feel that your niche is too crowded? What if you could rule your niche and be seen as an authority? 

I asked my friend Imran to share his top 3 strategies he follows to “rise above the noise” in order to win the blogging game. 

He said,”My top strategy is and you may disagree with me but I believe that success is not something you pursue, it is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.

This is my personal philosophy which I have developed after reading and listening to some of the best philosophers in the world. 

My first and the biggest strategy is to make myself a better person. A more “attractive” person by learning, reading, listening and understanding. This will bring the “flare” and “value” in my writing and my blog which will make it stand out of the crowd.

It is not a short journey though, it takes time but I am up for it. 

Secondly, as a less than year old blogger, I am not in a position to fix a strategy and keep working on it without seeing its results. So “flexibility” on the lines of “continuous improvement” is my second strategy. 

I take blogging as an art which is mastered with practice, learning and skills. The magic formula does not come overnight, it is crafted with months and years of practice. 

I am on a continuous journey to refine and fine-tune my writing and content quality and I believe that this will gradually make me “rise above the noise”. 

A step (no matter how small) at a time. 

Here is the third one. 

Follow the “ant philosophy” which is to “never give up”. You stop an ant from its work and it finds another way to do what it intends to do. And it keeps doing that until it either reaches to its destination or die. 

Consistency and persistence are paramount. Blogging is a game of endurance and your audience will know if you are there to win it. They will respect you and follow you for your this trait and this will differentiate you and your content from the others.” 

Ahmad Imran

Let me introduce you to Imran, in case you don’t know much about him. He is one of the creative minds who helps me to present this Expert Speak posts to you. He also participated in — 

Ahmad Imran is the founder of REASONTOUSE.COM. A personal technology review site which covers high-end Android smartphones, Chromebooks and WordPress blogging. REASONTOUSE is not another typical tech-review site. It is a personal diary of his tech-experience shared with the wider world. 
Blogging is a game of endurance

Tweetable: “Success is not something you pursue, it is something you attract by becoming an attractive person” – Ahmad Imran. Tweet

Tweetable: “Blogging is a game of endurance. Follow the “ant philosophy” which is to “never give up” – Ahmad Imran. Tweet

If you’re a blogger it won’t take you long to realize that you’ve to “rise above the noise” to win the game. 

I asked Brent Jones to share his top 3 strategies that helps him to achieve this objective. 
Brent Jones

Brent Says,”Rising above the noise has everything to do with making strategic choices. You don’t need to do something wildly original; you just need to do everything with a purpose. 

Your audience will appreciate that.

For instance… 

(1) Leverage those in your niche that already have a following.

When I started my video interview series – Better Blogging – the objective wasn’t to uncover the secrets of the universe in every episode; rather, it was to hear one single message from one single authoritative source.

So when I interviewed Carol Amato and she talked about becoming known as the Coach with Heart, that wasn’t a new story. Heck, you can find it in her own words on her blog.

But it was new to a lot of my audience. And I was new to a lot of her audience. We were able to leverage the following we both already had without reinventing the wheel. It was all about taking an existing idea and re-purposing it into something actionable for both her audience and mine.

In essence, each episode of Better Blogging helps both my guest and I rise above the noise by pooling our combined credibility.

(2) Be honest about who you serve.

You can’t be all things to all people. And when you cast the net too wide, you end up losing your best followers and customers. In other words, you become the noise that people try to tune out.

At the end of the day, my business isn’t about creating the content or publishing the message I want to see; rather, it’s about delivering on what my audience wants to see. Further, bills get paid when I deliver the work and results my clients expect to see.

When I keep the best interests of my followers and clients top of mind, it adds clarity to everything I do.

(3) Be consistent.

People buy from people they like and trust. And by consistently delivering on what you say, you gain credibility. That isn’t a secret.

Studies have found that familiarity is the single strongest element of attraction; therefore, repetition is key. People need to become familiar with what you are all about.

That isn’t to say you should create noise by promoting the same content over and over again. Instead, I focus on maintaining a consistent voice, presence and message each time I have the opportunity to engage with potential customers.”

I completely agree with Imran and Brent. 

Tweetable: “Familiarity is the single strongest element of attraction; therefore, repetition is key.”- Brent Jones. Tweet

About Brent:  Brent Jones and is a freelancer, blogger, and internet marketer. He is the host of Better Blogging – a  video interview series that explores the best practices of successful bloggers. 

Be More Authentic And Vulnerable 

While I was researching for my upcoming e-book “Make People Want You”, I stumbled upon Lewis Howes’s interview with Tom Bilyeu on Inside Quest. Here is a mini-clip from the interview —

After watching the interview I felt Lewis would be the best person to interview for my upcoming book. But realizing how busy he is with the launch of his own book “The School Of Greatness” I thought of just sending him a friendly e-mail. And I asked his thoughts on embracing vulnerability. 

He replied to my e-mail in form of a tweetable — 

“I think vulnerability creates connection and makes us more likable and relatable than ever.” – Lewis Howes. Tweet 

Photo Credit:

Listen to Lewis Howes podcast’s 200th episode where he talks about vulnerability. 

Here’s is something about me. I feel vulnerable when I post my pictures online. I don’t like being photographed, but I love photographing. 

To show my vulnerable side to my audience, I made an Instagram account and posted my recent pictures. 

One of my fellow introverted friend Swadhin commented – “This move of yours shows the real power of vulnerability“. 

I felt accomplished after reading his comment because that is exactly what I wanted to show to my audience. 

A photo posted by Rohan Chaubey (@rohanchaubey) on

I recently wrote a guest post on my friend Swadhin’s blog, make sure you check that infographic guest post. I’ve talked more on vulnerability there. >> 3 Secrets To Make People Like You Online

Make yourself lovable and your content shareable.

I asked Wade Harman, who is an ex coal miner and social media coaching enthusiast, about his strategies to make content lovable and shareable. He is the host of a Google+ hangout show known as “Relationship Marketing Show“.

Wade Harman

Wade says,”One of my biggest, best, and easiest strategies that I have found that works for me and anyone else crazy enough to do it is to just be myself. I’m a hick with a coarse background, rough and tumble, and, when I first started blogging, I wanted to hide that part of my life because I felt people didn’t want to see that part of me.

When I realized that it was uncomfortable to be someone else, I just got tired of playing around so I just felt that if someone couldn’t accept me for who I am then they’re not meant to be following me.

As far as content, I make it all about the reader.  In order to do this, I have to engage in conversation to see what they need to know about so I can give it to them.  This is the best way.  To be a servant and serve everyone that you can.  You have to come to the conclusion that if people are looking for answers, they will get them from someone, so it might as well be you.”  

Tweetable: “If someone couldn’t accept me for who I am then they’re not meant to be following me.” – Wade Harman. Tweet

Strategize The Right Way 

How your blog or business performs completely depends on your strategies and its implementation.

I asked Eddie and Ankit Singla to share the “1-thing” that is absolutely vital and sits on the top of their list to get heard, liked, shared and followed.

Here is what Eddie Gear says —
Eddie Gear

“The number one factor that defines a blogger’s success in my opinion is the trust that he/she builds with peers and readers.

My strategy to building trust is using Social Media and email.

First I load up Twitter and search for #hashtags that I’m interested in reading. Once I find valuable content, I take note of the person who shared it or created it.

Later in the day, I send out an outreach email and if they react to the email its time to engage and build trust. I follow them on social platforms, share their content and tell them what a good job they are doing.

I communicate regularly so that they remember who I am and how much I appreciate their efforts. This helps build trust and mutual respect.
Soon, they will start following you and sharing your content on a regular basis and take your recommendations seriously. In fact, I even make affiliate sales to them from time to time.” 

About Eddie: Eddie Gear is an entrepreneur, author and blogger who blogs at

Tweetable: “The number one factor that defines a blogger’s success is the trust.” – Eddie Gear. Tweet

Here is what Ankit Singla suggests —

Ankit Singla

“The only secret to making your content appreciable by your audience is to make them super helpful. Being for over 5 years in the blogging world, I have learnt certain strategies that make my posts more shareable and lovable by my readers.
Here goes all:

1) Write clear, easy to read, and problem solving articles:

As far as your blog posts touch a certain aspect of your audience’s problems and tries to solve them they will be loved. Address the problem and then show them how to solve it.

One more thing I would say is use a lot of “you” and “your” in your posts. We don’t get our blogs read by groups of people in classes; they are read by single users sitting behind their digital screens. So make them feel that your posts are written exclusively for them.

2) Give them an experience of a lifetime:

One of my most recent strategies that has almost doubled my shares and visitor count is giving my readers a better user experience. My strategy includes adding a lot of (relevant) graphics in my blog posts.

Images in a blog post help to grab the attention of the reader. Well optimized images and visuals also bring in more shares for the blog posts. I have written all about creating optimized images here.

The second element of this strategy is to format the posts into easy to understand bits.” 

About Ankit: Ankit Singla is an Internet Marketer, Search Engine Optimizer, Full time blogger and a graphic designer. He has been featured on NDTV prime and many other blogs and media outlets. 


♥ Milestone: 1 Year Blogging Anniversary And 100K Page Views ♥ 

Thank you so much for your love and support. I’m grateful to you, yes the one reading this. 

I cannot believe because of you I’ve managed to do so much in a year. I published my first blog on a gaming site and I didn’t even knew that I’ll one day start a blog which will cross 100K page views. 

Read about my 1 year blogging journey: A Year Of Being Rohanlicious

My blog is completely Ad free and I’ve not earned anything from my blog except your love and support. 

Each message or comment I receive from you inspires me to serve more than expected and help others shine online. 

I’m working on my first e-book – “Make People Want You“. The book is for all the enthusiastic souls like you, who want to “make it to the next level” and “stand out of the crowd“. 

Your message is important and you deserve to be heard. This book will guide you to grab people’s attention, senses and emotions. My e-book can help you win hearts of your readers, clients, influencers, friends and even haters. 

Fill this form for a chance to get my e-book for free. And join the insider’s list so that I can let you know once the e-book is launched and send you early bird specials, discounts and free giveaways. 

Now that you know how to get real attention online, are you ready to take action?

If you want to make it, you’ve to be willing to take action. I’m here to help. And in case you haven’t checked my about page, check it out and do let me know if I can help you.

Have any insights to share? Feel free to leave your thoughtful ideas in the comments section below.

Also if you’ve any questions for the experts, please drop your questions in the comments section and I’ll try my best to reach out to them and provide you an answer.

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13 Remarkable Situations Which Fascinates Bloggers Quickly

Blogging as a career is quite interesting and difficult to live with, unless you know the hooks and crooks of effective and smart blogging.

May I ask you, “When you entered into blogging”, or “Since how many years you’re into blogging” (which I normally ask), there would be definitive answer for some – with few months or few years of experience.

But, if it was to ask “How you entered to blogging arena”, there lies an interesting story. Each of you might have different and creative stories to share on how blogging aroused you and the reason behind your interest.

The reasons can be of knowing about “Money Making Online” or “Digital Marketing” or to “showcase your writing skills”, or “express your views” about a particular niche.

So, throughout your blogging journey, there might be some interesting instances which made you fascinated and lead your motivation ignited.

Yes, I’m here with a few (13) random Remarkable situations which every blogger faces that makes him excited about it.

1) Your First Interview makes you Mad

During your initial stages of blogging, you try to interact with fellow bloggers of your same niche, or you try to follow great bloggers of your industry. 

You feel flowing with the crowd performing great works, and one fine day, someone e-mails you or asks you on social media for an Interview on his/her blog. 

Your reaction would be absolutely speechless, because it’s the first time you’re going to get exposed to a larger crowd, and you would never neglect it.

Anyways, I’m not of this category, since I’m not yet interviewed. But
I remember about my friend Shubham Srivastava, who got interviewed and he was quite excited about it. 

Subham’s Facebook status update

2) The Giant AdSense Approval

Many bloggers have been introduced to blogging by learning about its money making potential, and surely you might heard about AdSense. 

You write great quality contents, drive some traffic and apply for Adsense to get approved. Getting it approved on your first attempt is just awesome and you won’t forget that “Permanent Approved” mail from Google.

Even I got my AdSense approved on my first attempt, while some others get rejected. 

Few days back, Mukesh Annamalai, got his adsense approved on his first attempt, and his happiness converted into a great blog post and a social media update. 

Mukesh’s Facebook status update

3) The Tweeto effect

Twitter is one of the marketing social media platform, where you follow great personalities of your industry, re-tweet or sometimes reply to their tweets. 

You might gradually increase your followers.

But, it can happen, one fine morning, you see a notification showing “XYZ followed you”, and this may be a great personality you’ve been following.

That proud moment when you feel like a pro-blogger, and you make a status about that on other social media site like Facebook. 

Rohan Chaubey (founder of #Be Rohanlicious) is a classic example, where he gets followed by well known and renowned bloggers and celebs. Checkout his twitter guide on Harleena Mam’s blog (Aha!NOW) here

4) First Affiliate or product sale

Affiliate marketing and selling one’s own products, is one of the keynote by many pro-bloggers as money incoming source in this era. 

Getting sale of own product or even doing Affiliate marketing is not easy as it seems. Right strategies can bring you success.

Even I too failed in this Affiliate marketing, but I won’t quit! 

5) First Guest Post

Guest Blogging has been a trend among pro and new bloggers. Even huge Authority blogs depend upon guest blogging.

You might remember your first guest posting offer you got, the excitement and dedication you had was tremendous. You wanted to give the best to showcase to huge audience. 

The day your first guest post gets published, you are thrilled for the awaiting comments and traffic to your post. You are exposed to 10x times more bloggers than you normally interact with.

Well this is my Third guest post, and I’m happy to have an offer directly by blog owner (Rohan Chaubey).

6) Hike in Quality comments

Getting quality comments on your blog, is a key aspect for your blogging success. 

You write many posts during the initial stages of your blog, but it is a depressing situation when there is no traffic to your blog. No comments. No feedbacks.

You slowly start your journey with sharing your blog posts on popular social sites, commenting on others blogs, doing guest blogging; all this results in sudden hike of comments on your blog.

Those comments might make your day, and motivate you to write more. 
Harleena ma’am is well known pro-blogger at Aha-now, referred as “Commenting Queen” in blogosphere due to her in-depth informative and huge comments.

7) Blast of Traffic

Traffic to your blog may be very low in starting stages. 

Building a loyal readers base is a must, due to which you get direct traffic to your blog. 

Posting on Fan pages, or directory pages brings a quick traffic to your site.  

The reason behind building a readers base, you get confirmed readers who are surely going to read your posts. 

So it is like indirectly multiplying your traffic. Getting viral traffic not only fascinates you, but also maintains the thirst to write more.

8) Getting #1 rank in Google search

Organic traffic is huge when your post gets ranked on Google searches.

Getting ranked on first page of Google is not so easy. Google uses 200+ factors to rank your page for particular keyword.

What if your post gets #1 in Google for High competitive keyword, for example – Brian Dean is ranking for keyword “backlinks” in #3 position. The traffic you get will just be Gigantic. You would suddenly feel accomplished by getting huge ranking. 

9)  Craziest Blog Post Ideas

You get started with your blog, with few post ideas lasting for few weeks.

What’s next?

Now you need to think or research for ideas to post the future. As you do your research, you will surely get some craziest post ideas which are capable to get viral traffic. 

Mind you, this blog post idea stroke me at 3:00am morning while I was in my bed. Thought for a while, and found this could be a better blog post which I can write. I immediately took my pen and started jotting my points.

10) Get mentioned by Pro-bloggers

Throughout your blogging journey, you might find such exciting experience of getting mentioned by Pro-bloggers. 

It can be on social media or on blogs. Sometimes your hard work might get addressed by them and you may receive a backlink. 

Yes, it is indeed a thrilling experience. 

11) Hike in Subscribers

Email marketing is an essential tool and mostly recommended by all the Bloggers. 

Getting subscribers to your blog is not simple.

The trust, the quality of posts and even the placement of Subscription boxes converts a normal visitor to a subscriber.

Brain Dean, recently revealed how his conversion rates for doubled by using SumoMe List-builder. Read his happiness here

12) Auto Share Effect

This isn’t the situation when bloggers use the Auto Sharing tools for marketing.

Rather a way better effect, where you marketed your content to your subscribers, fans and followers, and see a hike in traffic and shares. {Auto-share effect….Yea}

13) Winning a Giveaway

Giveaway is an attention grabbing and effective marketing strategy to drive large traffic.

There are lots of giveaways, where you can participate, and get rewards if you win.

It is a shocking situation when you win a giveaway for the first time, no matter small or big. This would really fascinate you.

Philip sir won a giveaway from a marketing and promotion platform and he got so excited that we wrote a post about it on his blog. 


That’s it, these were a few situations where you get thrilled. There isn’t any end to this list, still many maybe be left. Let me know about more such situations in the comments section below. 


Justin Philip

Justin Philip is an Indian software developer and computer engineer as profession. He loves blogging and connecting with people. He is an avid subscriber who is Interested in Hacking, security researching, playing keyboard and watching movies. Connect with him on Facebook.  

How To Make A Great Digital First Impression And Maintain It [Ask Rohan]

Ask Rohan - How to make a great digital first impression

Deep down, we all just want to be the most memorable person in the room. We all have the hunger and the desire to be known. Being memorable is all about being real and honest. People will naturally get attracted to you if you add value into their lives.

But also remember that adding too much value is dangerous – The overwhelming desire to add our two cents to every discussion. Your digital personality should reflect your real world personality. How is that possible?

This post will help you stand out of the crowd and make a great digital impression. I am categorizing this post under “Ask Rohan” series because I am also going to answer questions from one of my reader. 

Here is what Susheel from writes to me –

“Hi Rohan, This is Susheel. I am here with a question for your “Ask Rohan” series. How do you manage to get so many followers on social media? What suggestion would you give on social sharing? What do you share on your social media accounts (personal and official) other than sharing your blog posts? And how do you manage to get so many blogging friends?

I hope this will be a nice question to write a post about. I eagerly await for your post. Thank you.” 

Wow! Susheel has a lot of questions for me to answer. The most generalized answer for all the questions of Susheel is – “Have a good digital first impression“. The following magical tips will help you create a strong online presence and reputation.

1. Get the basics right. 

The first rule is to present yourself online without withholding anything. I don’t mean to say you need to put all your personal information on the web. Never! Just fill out whatever is asked.

For example: Complete your social media profiles completely!

I’d written a post sometime back which can help you to get started with Twitter – The Most Effective Guide To Market Yourself On Twitter.

Some important points to remember:

1. Make sure your profiles are public. Example: LinkedIn profile.

2. Include description about you and your work in the BIO.

3. Choose a nice avatar for your profiles.

4. Constantly upgrade your profiles so that they are kept fresh.

2. Be friendly and be active. 

If you have created an account on any social networking sites or community website, always remember to login almost everyday to check what’s happening.

Don’t just create an account and then leave it. If you can’t handle your social media accounts yourself hire someone who can work for you. But it is better if you do it yourself.

3. Make quality connections and maintain them. 

Creating new connections isn’t a hard task but maintaining them is surely difficult. Returning to people only when you need some favor from them will eventually make you look bad. And ultimately others will stop responding to you. 

The best way to establish great connections online is by first adding value. Always remember –

“The law of reciprocity and kindness is more important than pictures with a fake smile on social media.”

You need to have a responsive network in order to outshine online. The first thing people check on your social media profile or your blog is how people interact with you and how approachable you are. 

If you feel you are being a victim of a parasitic friendship online you need to learn to say “NO” when needed.

Use the easiest and the most effective scripts to say “No” –

When someone asks for a favor and you just don’t want to help them 

Let me get back to you.” Or “Let me think about it.” Most of the people forget what they were asking to you after some days. [I use this on Facebook where there are SO many asking for help].

There is an another trick to achieve the same – 

Ask the person who contacts you via a social media chat to go to your site and send you an e-mail using the contact page. I bet 50% of the people will never do this and they will leave you alone. I do this all the time and only those who are really serious with their queries would contact you via an e-mail.

Susheel did the same and so he deserves to get his questions answered in this post.

When someone wants you to promote them using your network – 

I have a small group of people who are really responsive to whatever I post. When people around you, see you having a strong network even of small group of people they will like you to endorse them. 

Never ever endorse or promote anything just because someone asked you. Chances are you are devaluing yourself and not creating a good impression on others by doing this.

Here is what you can tell them – 

Congratulations for your product/service/post. It seems like you are really working hard to promote it. I wish you all the best with your blog/product/service.

Did you notice that I nowhere used the word “No” or anything similar in that script? Because the message itself conveys that I am not interested in promoting others unless I really feel to do so.

If somehow is shameless enough to ask for the second time do not hesitate to say a clear “No”.

When someone always comes to you for advice or consultation – 

Let them know how busy you are and ask them directly – “How may I help you?

So these were some graceful ways to say no or directly get on the point and finish up with the discussion really quick.

You really need to be connected with quality friends and followers and do not believe in quantity. 

4. Believe in giving. 

Lets be honest, no one likes people who are of no use or don’t add anything valuable into their lives. If you really want to be a valuable and celebrated person online you need to be helpful and provide value.

5. Do not always find ways to earn profit. 

If you approach new people online and start a conversation by talking about yourself and your business or blog or whatever, you are doing it completely wrong. Let the other person talk about himself.

Here is how I try find out more about people who I hardly know – 

Hi [Person’s first name], I feel so happy to connect with you. I never came across you or your blog, but I would love to know about you and your work. Is there anything you want me to know about you?

If you are already friends with me on Facebook or Twitter, you already would have noticed that I always give priority to others first in any kind of conversation. And believe me it makes you memorable in the minds of others if you give first priority to them.

6. Create drama. 

This would sound like an odd piece of advice. But it works so well. When I say “Create drama” I urge you to be opinionated and be in the talks. Participate actively in a public discussion or a debate. You will find some discussions in communities or social media chat.

Be sure that you voice your opinion and show your expertise. Sound very calm and back-up your opinions with valid data or simply quote an expert.

I do this and I get to know many new people when I randomly join any discussion. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind –

1. Do not directly attack someone.

2. Make sure the organizer or the one who started the discussion is your friend or you know him. This helps when there is a negative feedback about you, and you get a chance to get it deleted if something is really unacceptable.

3. Sound sane and don’t go mad.

4. Join discussions where you can learn something new.

Some bloggers really are afraid to voice their opinions because they think it will hurt their reputation. But I feel if you are a blogger you must stand for your own views. 

I found a video on YouTube which you might find helpful to create a strong online first impression. 


“A good reputation is more valuable than money.” – Publilius Syrus. Tweet

Now, Let me answer Susheel’s questions. The following are the questions which he wants me to answer. I have included my short answers just after his every question.

1. How do you manage to get so many followers on social media? 

Susheel, Let me explain how I got a few followers on social media –

Google+: It was because of the circle shares but sadly Google removed this feature recently.

Twitter: I follow only those who are interesting. I suggest you to read my guest post at Aha!NOW which will guide you to gain blog audience using Twitter.

Facebook: I participate in debate and comment under others status updates. So their friends send me a request or start following my updates if they find it interesting. 

All the support I have gained on social media is because I love reciprocation. I don’t believe in having fans rather I believe in having friends. I feel friendship shouldn’t be parasitic but mutually beneficial.

2. What suggestion would you give on social sharing? What do you share on your social media accounts (personal and official) other than sharing your blog posts? 

I would say do not over share and also don’t be inactive for a long time. You need to find out what works best for you. Here is my social sharing plan –

Google+: Once a week.

Twitter: I have two accounts. On personal account (@techbluemoon) I tweet once after every two days but I keep interacting using Direct messages or tweets.

On my blog account (@Rohanlicious) I keep tweeting throughout the day. Everything is manual, none of my tweets are automated.

Facebook: I just post randomly once a day or on every alternate days.

Besides sharing my blog posts. I prefer sharing quotes, my fellow blogger’s blog posts, sometimes a few questions too.

And how do you manage to get so many blogging friends? 

I don’t have too many but a good number of blogging friends who are really so supportive. I got to meet amazing bloggers at Aha!NOW, Blogger Help Forum, Twitter, Google+ and I was mentioned in social media updates of some great and respectable bloggers which in turn brought me some followers.

You asked some great questions Susheel. Because you asked about me so I kept my answers short. I am sure you are going to get some helpful advice from readers who are reading this post.

Now, its your turn to continue the discussion. Yes you, the one reading this post. Would you like to help Susheel with his questions? 

1. How do you search for targeted followers?

2. Whats the frequency of your social media updates? And what do you mostly share on your social media accounts?

3. How do you gently say “no” to people who always want to seek some help or advice from you? 

Please do leave your answers in the comments box below because you suggestions may just be what someone else might be looking for.

Also if you know someone – your friend, family member or anyone who you think can benefit from this post, please do send them a link to this post or share it on social media.

Have any questions for me? Send them using the contact form

Thank you for reading. Be Rohanlicious. 

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The Dark Side Of Blogging: Lessons From Expert Bloggers [Expert Speak 2]

The dark Side Of Blogging - Expert Speak.
The Dark Side Of Blogging

Dozens of new blogs just went online at this very moment and countless bloggers left blogging just today. With blogosphere expanding rapidly every minute, it is attracting more eyeballs than ever before.

A survey of 1500 ProBlogger readers in 2012 found that most bloggers don’t make a full-time living from blogging. Many enter into blogging by realizing about its money making potential while others start a blog to gain professional recognition and more clients.

Let me show you the dark sides of blogging which is hardly talked about. Blogosphere isn’t that glamorous as you think. It has been seven months since I have started blogging. Initially everything seems to be nice and right but as you gain some experience, you might have a tough time dealing with the harsh realities of blogging.

With the mass adoption of blogging come some dark sides too that might surprise you.

The Dark Side Of Blogging

By writing this post, I am not trying to scare the new bloggers that have just entered into blogging nor I wish to convey that there are no advantages of blogging. In fact, the pros of blogging are more than its cons.

Following are some negatives of blogging. I am thankful to some of the well established bloggers who made this post more insightful by sharing their experiences.

1. Be Ready To Receive Ton Of Notifications 

Initially when you start blogging you might be getting less mentions but as your blog grows and becomes popular, you start getting a ton of notifications and emails.

I am not that famous nor I get tons of e-mails. But I do get a lot of notifications on social media and messages via my contact page.

Let me share my todays stats –

E-mails: 59 (4 spams + 7 messages via my contact form + 1 Disqus notification + 2 WordPress comment reply notifications + 13 updates from blogs I have subscribed + 23 updates from groups, communities and forums + 9 replies to my sent e-mails).

Twitter: I have two accounts – @Techbluemoon and @Rohanlicious 

Techbluemoon had only 23 notifications and Rohanlicious had 38. This is far less as it was a normal day. But when new posts are published a little more mentions are notified. (I check my twitter accounts too frequently so these notifications accumulated within 7 hours when I was sleeping). 

Facebook: I received 21 notifications and 3 messages. I waste 1.5 hours checking my Facebook home feed. (I check FB 5 times a day so I don’t get notifications all at once). 

LinkedIn: I am not much active there so only 7.

Google+: Received only 87 notifications today otherwise most of the days there are 100+.

There are lots of bloggers out there who get 1000x more notifications. I can’t even imagine how their social media profiles look like with notifications popping up from everywhere.

To learn how to effectively handle notifications on social media, I had sent the following question to the commenting superstar Harleena Singh –

Do you get exhausted responding to the notifications on various social networking sites? How do you effectively handle them to avoid wasting your productive time? 

She says –

Harleena Singh - Founder of Aha!NOW
Harleena Singh –

Yes, it becomes overwhelming to respond to the several notifications on the various social networking sites, but I think it must be the case with most bloggers who are out there making connections with people.

However, you can manage your time by dividing the number of hours you want to spend on the social networking sites.

My tips to effectively handle the social media notifications are:

Allocate a little time daily to the main social networking site in your schedule.
Use your non-productive hours for the social networking tasks (leave the productive time to write posts and comments etc.)
Engage in these tasks 2 or 3 times a day, or even once if your social engagement is less, or work is more.
Do not spend more than a few minutes attending to notifications each time you check them, and close those tabs once you are through!

You can change the frequency of checking the notifications and the duration you spend on them as per your needs and convenience.
In this manner, you fix up your time to attend the notifications, limit the time as well so you do not go overboard, and make use of your non-productive hours.

For example, I prefer to check into Facebook thrice a day only, for a few minutes each time. That is because on days I don’t, or if I check-in once a day, I have more than a hundred notifications piled up, and it takes a lot of my time replying to them.

Coming to Twitter, I take up all the notifications just once a day, which is usually during my winding up time at night! The last few hours of the day I spend with my family, and taking up work that doesn’t need much of my attention!

So, I usually take up Twitter, Pinterest and Triberr together – and I schedule my posts alongside on HootSuite and Buffer too. Oh yes…I multi-task that time and only manage to ‘listen’ to the television…lol…and I think that is alright. 🙂

For Google Plus too, I usually put up my updates or share the posts as they come in, as I am usually logged into Gmail when I am not writing or working, which is again twice or thrice a day. Sharing my own posts on the communities etc. is another task that takes time, but once done, it’s worth the while.

The notifications of Google Plus are taken up whenever I am logged into my Gmail account, altogether, and I handle those from my email account itself.

These are the main social networking sites that I pay attention to daily, and I think I can manage them well at present. 

Wow! Harleena ma’am sounds like a wonder women.

BIO: Harleena Singh is a positive thinker and a freelance writer. She loves to write inspiring and thought provoking posts on self-improvement, family, relationships, health, and other aspects of life. She’s not another personal development guru, but just an average person with great life experiences. She’s also a blogger, who loves to share her blogging knowledge and experiences. Visit her blog to learn more about her. 

2. The Microscope Effect

If you want to be influential you need to be opinionated and have a voice. Because voice often gets echoed. But echoes have to die after some time.

Similarly in blogging, if you are providing value you will become more and more influential. Your actions will be watched closely and will be copied by others.

When Niel Patel talked about writing long posts, some of my blogger friends tried it on their blogs too. So popular bloggers also influence the trends which people follow blindly.

Here is what Pat Flynn says about the Microscope effect –

Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn –

The microscope effect is simply this: the more influential and popular you become, the more people will analyze you.

When you start to see success, people are quick to watch every move that you make and analyze everything that you say. 

I don’t really need to mention how influential Pat Flynn is. He is a successful blogger who supports his family with passive income from online businesses. (Pat was simply quoted here). 

I recently read an article of John Rampthon on Forbes, and later thought of connecting him on twitter and other social networking sites. Since I enjoyed reading his post, I thought he would be a cool writer to connect with. I checked his twitter account and was stunned to know he gets mentioned thousands of times a day.

I sent an e-mail asking him a question about the microscope effect – “Do you feel the microscope effect? As you are being mentioned and recognized at so many places online, does it makes you conscious about everything you post online as it might be analyzed and followed by many or might even be criticized.” 

He replied saying –

John Rampthon
John Rampthon

 I get mentioned on Twitter at least 1000x a day. So many times that I really have stopped paying attention. Not because I don’t want to talk with you or care, but you get lost with everyone else and I don’t see it. Nothing to do with having my views under a microscope but everything to do with how many times I get mentioned. I feel it’s much more so with celebrities. I can’t even imagine getting 100k RT’s on a Tweet. You couldn’t even have it on your phone as it would always be notifying you.

BIO: John is best known as an Entrepreneur and Connector. He was recently named #3 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as a blogging expert by Forbes. Awarded Top 10 Most Influential PPC Experts in the World for the past 3 years. He currently advises several companies in the bay area. Know more about him by visiting his blog

3. Criticism Is The price Of Success

I recently started a series post on my blog “Ask Rohan”. I was happy with the questions people were sending and the response I got in the comments and on social media. But sadly a person could not digest the positive comments I was receiving.

He ranted about me on a popular LinkedIn group. My Post was later deleted by the Admin maybe because of the offensive remarks that person commented under it. I tried tracing him on the internet and found that he was tagged as “Criminal” by more than one website. That brought some relief because I was really bothered by his nasty comments.

I have now decided to follow this principle while handling criticism:

“Hug your haters and kill them with your kindness”.

One of my friend +Sasidhar Kareti too faced some ugly criticism and here is what I asked him along with his answers to my questions –

Me: Do you think being a blogger you are easily vulnerable to be awarded with trolls?

Sasidhar: Blogging, if networked properly will give you an identity and a celebrity status on the web. If you are popular some way, you will get fans as well as haters. Yes, of course haters gonna hate, with so many trolls. All we have to do is just enjoy them and move on.

Me: Has anyone ever tried to disrupt your community and get an emotional response out of you or tried to spoil your reputation online?

Sasidhar: Someone, whom we call with a name ‘spammer’ have targeted me a few weeks ago speaking with bottle neck of hatefulness. It hurt me badly and I went emotionally imbalance for a few days. But the support I got from the network that I have built so far backed me up and my whole blogosphere stood for me. It gave me strength and here I am with full fueled spirit. I don’t think bloggers are helpless and vulnerable in this regard.

Me: Do you think bloggers who are too sensitive cannot survive and must be thick-skinned?

Sasidhar: Blogging, of course is a part of life activity. Even the too-sensitive blogger would learn their ways around through consistent hard work. There is no need to adapt the thick-skin-ness here. Are the people who are too sensitive and doing other jobs not learning how to survive? It is the human nature to adapt to the life skills and the point we are talking about is a part of it.

Sasidhar was a part of Expert Speak 1 as well and I am glad that he agreed to be with us on another one too. He is a tech guy and when things go out of my hands on my blog he is the one who comes to my rescue. Visit his blog to know more about him.

I asked Ahmad Imran – Another good friend of mine who was also a part of the Expert Speak 1 about how he deals with the non-believers.

I was so impressed with his reply, he says –

Ahamad Imran
Ahmad Imran –

Your blog is not Wikipedia.

It is your personal voice and opinion. Make it that way and make sure that you stand by your opinion and voice based on your experience, sound judgements and facts. But once you have made that opinion and you have published it on your blog, stick to it. 

You will definitely find people who will disagree with your opinion. 

Don’t take it personally, some people will say it loud that they disagree with you. It is very possible that they are rude too.

It does not matter. 

Deal with it professionally. Don’t make a big drama out of it. Once you see that it is turning into a heated debate, manage it, calm down the situation and move on.

It is your blog so take control of these situations.

And finally, don’t take it on heart. You have a bigger fish to fry.
BIO: Ahmad Imran is the founder of REASONTOUSE.COM. A personal technology review site which covers high-end Android smartphones, Chromebooks and WordPress blogging. REASONTOUSE is not another typical tech-review site. It is a personal diary of his tech-experience shared with the wider world. 

Some suggest to hire a reputation management or PR to handle negative stories and build good reputation online.

John Michel – TED Speaker

I contacted one of my favorite TED speaker John Michel on Twitter. I tweeted –

“Hi John, Do reputation management management services work? What would you advice?”

John Tweeted saying –

Handle the current issues yourself. Later find and hire a good reputation management company.

BIO: John E. Michel is a Brigadier General serving the United States Air Force. He is a TED speaker, Author, twitter celebrity and columnist.

4. Free Gets Ugly? 

I would have never thought that the free gifts which bloggers offer to their readers can have a dark side too unless I read this post. The writer of that post says – “If your online business model is centered around free, then you are training your audience to devalue you.”

Mi Muba is one of the most creative money blogger I have ever known. Read what he says about “Free Gifts” and learn how to use them to lessen the negatives of free gifts –

Mi Muba
Mi Muba – Money and Green Blogger

Anyone related to the field of online marketing is fully aware of the fact that the word FREE is one of the highly searched words on internet. It works so well to attract the attention of web searchers. It means it does have huge demand so its usage can’t be questioned. Yes the nature of its usage can be challenged in multiple ways.

If you give a gift for free without any objective it means you are either:

  • Devaluing yourself
  • Lowering the value of the thing as your gift 
  • Or looking down upon the receiver of the gift
A  gift for free to achieve another higher objective can be its best usage. This kind of objective can be:

  • To make your readers your regular readers by offering them email subscription
  • To give the readers an incentive to buy another product at a price
  • To reward the readers for their loyalty to your blog and influencing others to follow them
  • To book the orders for a product that you are going to launch in near future
  • In short to tie your readers in a relationship with you as your would-be customers
So we can say that a purposeless gift of even highest monetary value if given for free will surely either hurt the visitors of your blog or devalue your professional worth. 

Just one more point. If a gift is already available for free and you also distribute it for free means you are underestimating your readers. So never offer a free gift that or something like that is already available in the market for free. 

Also try to avoid repeating that you are doing a great job by offering a free gift to your readers. Take it just as a way of expression that how much valuable they are for you that is why you are offering a valuable product or service as a free gift to them. 

Read more About Mi Muba here.

5. Online Community Management Is Not That Easy. 

Every blog attracts an audience. Online community management deals with building, growing, and managing online communities.

Building a community isn’t that easy as you think. I have seen many friends of mine who quit blogging because they were not able to gather an audience around their brand.

One of the most caring community I know is founded by my blogging mentor Harleena ma’am.

The way she handles her Aha!NOW ABC blog community is mind blowing.

Me: “Creating a community of active members can be so much rewarding. Managing a community is a difficult job. You need to always be there playing the main role and you might not even get many off days. Do you sometimes feel to just leave everything when things get out of hand or difficult to handle? Do you feel pressured? If yes, How do you tackle it?”

Harleena ma’am replied saying:

First, having a blog community is very important – it’s the engine that drives your blog! So the more the active members, the more successful your blog can become.
You bet it becomes rewarding to have active community members like you. 🙂 

For most blogs, the only opportunity and way to communicate with the blog community is through the blog posts and newsletters. The active participation of the members may be reflected by the number of comments on the posts and/or the active subscribers. 

Managing a community tends to become difficult as it grows because you find it tough to take out time to respond to the comments of the members or visit everyone’s posts. 

More so, this happens when you are doing all the blogging tasks yourself, have day jobs or other business to attend to, or have other responsibilities and tasks that need your attention on a daily basis.
In such cases, the blogger needs to chalk out the priorities and act as per them. It is okay to be flexible and do what is necessary without getting pressurized. 

In my case, I’ve an activity and forum based community called the ABC (The Aha!NOW Blog Community), as you already know, being a wonderful Ahaian. And yes – managing a community IS a difficult job. 🙂 

It is quite a demanding job and you need to remain active yourself or as you say, play the main role all the time. It becomes difficult when you’ve other business or responsibilities that need priority.
For us at the ABC, it’s a non-profit job. It is mainly a platform to help and thank our blog community members. But thankfully, we are a two-member team presently, so we are able to divide our time and tasks. 
Even then the job becomes tedious and that is where the loyal community members are precious, if they agree to help moderate the community. 

Oh yes! I’ve had that feeling of leaving it all when it gets too much to handle everything. I guess being a blogger you have lots of responsibilities like writing your posts, scheduling and promoting them. 

Not to mention the return visits and commenting on other blogs that follows. More so, being active on the social networking sites is also a must. So, the ABC becomes additional for me, and that at times becomes overwhelming. 

To handle the pressures – take up one thing at a time and manage your time well enough. That’s what I’ve implemented and it’s worked for me. 

Besides, I’ve become more particular about my health now to take up such pressures and stresses of life. This also includes taking out a fixed time for my morning walks, meditation, and other exercises. Believe me, it helps!” 

Know more about the Aha!NOW ABC community here.

6. Constant Pressure To Produce Great Content. 

Bloggers need to be creative and come up with new topics consistently. Out of all the questions I have received so far as a part of “Ask Rohan” series, “How to come up with great post topics consistently?” was the common question from my readers. I will be soon writing a post on this. 

Following are some tips from my friend +Ahmad Imran to come up with awesome content always.

I have set myself a minimum 2 to maximum 3 blog posts every week. 6 months of blogging, and I have not missed this target once.

It is not easy to achieve though.

Avoid “running out of the steam” or “blogging blues”.

Anticipate it, plan it, engineer it, go through it and come out victorious – with a brand new post each time for your readers and your big boss, Google.

There are three things which keep me on track in order of priority:

  • Hunger and desire to succeed – make sure don’t underestimate this one. Stronger they are, further they will take you.
  • A niche which I like and use on a daily basis – it will help you write relatively easily. Don’t make a wrong decision on this one, choose something which you really feel about.
  • Read more, see more and listen more – never stop your own learning, if you don’t know your niche, you are not helping your readers either.

7. Content Steal 

If you have a good experience in blogging or have spend at least 6 months in the blogosphere, you already know content stealing is such a bothersome thing for bloggers.

One of my post was stolen by a Pak based website. After sending them a couple of polite e-mails they took it down.

Stealing content from other sites can be the worst mistake a newbie blogger can ever make. There are thousands of websites earning by doing nothing other that just copying others quality content.

My blogger friend Swadhin Agarwal has written a helpful post on his blog which might help you to protect your content from content scrappers. Read it here.

Also a pro blogger from India, Harsh Agarwal has written a nice post to deal with copy cats. Read it here.

8. The Want To Shut Down And Quit

There might be times when you get frustrated with blogging. There are many factors which can bother you like not getting enough traffic, getting no engagement, failure to retain readers, etc.

To be brutally honest, Blogging can even takeover your life!

One of my dearest friend Swadhin from explains how to bring back your blogging mojo –

Swadhin Agarwal
Swadhin Agarwal –

Blogging is absolutely time consuming and demands loads of patience. Most of the times we need to be on the tablet or with the laptop while our friends enjoying the idle evening gossips. But, that’s what you are expected to do when you take up a task to provide value to your readers.

Finding the right topic, researching about the solutions to our readers’ problems and then presenting them in an easily digestible blog post requires time for sure.

I would be lying when I say I don’t get a writer’s block or an “Oh Shit” moment. I do get them but here’s what I commonly do to turn those “Oh Shit moments to “Oh wow” moments.

1) Take a complete break from blogging. I don’t even open my dashboard and spend some time with my family instead.

2) If it was an upcoming post that is leading nowhere and causing frustration I take that topic to social media and hear what my friends have to say about it. Usually, the variety of answers I get on that status leads to a complete new perspective on the subject.

3) I am a blog hopping addict and I recommend your readers too to at least read 5 other blogs every day. This will help them to stay fresh with the trends and keep their competitive spirits high.

4) I have a post on my blog that defines 41 ways to rekindle your blogging mojo. Your readers might find it useful. 

I never felt that my blog has taken over my life because I blog only once a week. But yes, I have always felt writing taking over my life because I write a LOT for my clients.

This is definitely not good for me as well as my valued clients. Moreover, unplugging is very essential for maintaining our social lives (Family and friends). So, I take the following steps to occasionally unplug from the digital world.

1) I mostly don’t blog at the weekends. By weekends I mean Saturday and Sunday.

2) I try not to indulge in the social media platforms also as I have a lot of friends in the blogging world and I can’t help opening up a blog post to read after seeing a status from them.

A break is a break no matter how tempting the post might be. If you have ideas flowing in you can use evernote or even simple pen and paper to jot down the ideas so that you can work on them on Monday.

3) I try to spend that time with nature as it is the best healer and absorbs all my work tensions. 


Here are some points to remember, make sure you tweet them and share the word. It would mean a lot to me and can help many.

1. When you start to see success, people are quick to watch every move that you make and analyze everything that you say. – Pat Flynn. Tweet

2. Unplug yourself from the digital world and spend time with the nature as it is the best healer. – Swadhin Agarwal. Tweet

3. Stronger the hunger and desire to succeed,further they will take you. – Ahmad Imran. Tweet

5. Your blog is not Wikipedia. It is your personal voice and opinion. – Ahmad Imran. Tweet

6. Hug your haters and kill them with your kindness. – Rohan Chaubey. Tweet

7. Use your non-productive hours for the social networking tasks (leave the productive time to write posts and comments etc.) – Harleena Singh. Tweet

8. Blogging is not as glamorous as you think. Tweet

Over to you! 

Enjoyed reading the post? Do you have something to add to the list? You have some experience to share with me? Drop your thoughts below in the comments box, I would love to hear from you. 

If you think this post can help someone, please do share. 

Thank you for reading. Be Rohanlicious. 

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How To Be Nice Without Using Any Supernatural Creativity?

How to be nice?
Being nice is all about being yourself

I am excited to announce that I am starting a new series on my blog which is “Ask Rohan“. I recently started receiving lots of e-mails, messages and tweets from lovely people asking me questions about social media, programming and they even asked many things about me. 

Some common questions included – 

1. What do you do? 
2. How do you get mind blowing comments on your blog and on social media? 
3. How do you manage to be super active everywhere? 
4. Are you sure you are a human? 

I am not at all exaggerating anything! Some even asked for help with their blog templates, design and content. So finally I decided to start a Q and A category that is “Ask Rohan” to utilize all the questions and answer them effectively. 

It is almost impossible for me to answer all of them on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and various community forums. So one common destination where you can get my response quick is by sending me your questions using the contact form at my blog. 

In this post, I am going to answer Subham Srivastava‘s question which he originally sent me on twitter. He writes: 

Hi Rohan, How do you manage to be nice all the time? I have been seeing and carefully noticing you everywhere and I love the way you interact with people so nicely and I want to know how do you always manage to be neutral even when you don’t feel like being. I also want to know what it takes to be Rohanlicious? Thank you so much, Subham. 

My Answer to Subham’s question: 

Subham, We first connected on a facebook group then we added each other to our friends list, after that we got connected at every place possible online where we both had an account. 

There are certain qualities I noticed about you. They are: 

1. You are expressive. 
2. You are bold. 
3. You are not afraid to ask for help. 
4. You believe in connecting to people however possible. 

I really appreciate you asking this question Subham. I was researching on this topic and I was shocked to see the amount of global searches being made monthly with the keyword “How To Be Nice?”. 

So there are tons of people like you who want to be known as a nice person. And being nice is as easy as being rude. 

I always believe in being known for being nice. It takes time for people to realize how amazingly nice you are! 

But you need to realize that you don’t need to start expressing that you are nice. If you are nice it would reflect naturally and you will be recognized for being polite to everyone. 

For being nice you don’t actually need to remind yourself that “I need to be nice”. It should be just natural. 

Here is what I do and I suggest you to do – 

When someone offers me a dull idea or feedback, I don’t criticize it rather I say nothing or I try to convey what I believe about the suggested idea in a polite way. 

When someone tags me wrong, rather than arguing or giving an excuse, I just thank them and move ahead if they are not worth my time and attention. 

Now, the question is who isn’t worth your time and attention? The people who you don’t know and those who never made an effort to know you. 

And lastly when someone is helpful to me, I thank them thousand times ( Ugh… When will I stop exaggerating the numbers? 😉 ) 

Remember, being nice requires series of positive acts. 

Below are SEVEN magical tips that will help you in being the better version of yourself: 

1. Don’t be Judgemental. 

The less you rate and judge others the more people will start liking you. All we need is somebody just hearing us and not judging our ways, isn’t it? 

2. Stay tight-liped when you are angry. 

Never convey your thoughts to others when you are angry or sad. The moment you feel better try talking it out. 

3. Be Grateful. 

Don’t forget to thank people around you who make you smile and happy or help you in any way possible. Occasionally make cute cards and messages for them, write a thank you note and send it. 

4. Avoid Negativity. 

Always refrain from starting your sentence using the words like “No,” “However,” or “But”. They convey that the person standing in front of you is completely not smarter than you or is absolutely wrong. 

5. Do not try to win always. 

Some people have an attitude of winning over others by any means. This should be avoided and we need to realize that winning over people is not always important but winning people is important! 

6. Do Not play the blame game. 

Never blame others even if you are right. Instead just try to distribute the reason of failure among all equally (applicable when you are working in a team). 

7. Put yourself after people (but not always). 

You need to give people chance to share their feelings. You can’t always talk about yourself or even if you do, make sure you also ask about them. 

There are some moments where you need to give priority to yourself too. But remember that you need to provide value to others before asking for anything in return. 

Final Words 

Be Yourself. Just focus on filling your box (mind) with selflessness, positivity, kindness and humility. That is all it takes to be Rohanlicious. 

Being Rohanlicious is not about me. It doesn’t defines me. Many might be having a doubt that by writing “Rohanlicious” I am defining myself. But they are sadly mistakenly. Its more about YOU than ME. 

For readers reading this word for the first time, ROHANLICIOUS stands for being Real, Optimistic, Honest, Admirable, Nice, Leader, Inspirational, Creative, Insightful, Opportunistic, Unique and Selfless. 

I am myself trying to introduce these good qualities in me. And that is really great Subham that you wish to be Rohanlicious as you said this multiple times on social media. 🙂 

Following are the tweetables that are relevant to the questions asked by Subham. Don’t forget to tweet them as it can help someone. 

Now I would love to hear from YOU (the one reading this post right now). 

1. Did you ever felt the need to be a nicer person as Subham felt? Or do you feel that way now? 

2. How do you manage to be nice even when you don’t feel like being? 

3. If you have something special that you wanna tell Subham, Please let him know in the comments below. 

What do you think? Did you like this post? If so, consider subscribing to my blog and you can also send me your questions and get a chance to get your question featured on my blog as we had Subham’s question in this post. 

I would be very grateful if you shared this post with your friends, family and anyone who needs this. 

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Three Critical Reasons To Learn Python Remarkably Well!

Python logo of code avengers
Python Logo

One of the most widely used and popular high-level programming language is Python. It is extensively used in the information security industry. This is also one of the highest paying programming languages to learn. If some trusted sources are to be believed, you can annually earn $100,717 just by having a good knowledge about Python. 

Below are the four most important reasons you should start learning Python Today! 

1. It is easier than C++ and Java. 

Yes, The word Python looks quiet scary by the language is a lot more easier than C++ and Java. Its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code compared to other programming languages. 

2. Great Products are built in Python. 

Great products which we love using everyday are built in Python including Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, Disqus, DropBox, YouTube etc. The commenting system which you are using on my blog is built in Python, isn’t it amazing? Even Google’s web search spider was written in Python. It is used in development of websites, Application and games. 

Below is what the Google and the YouTube say about Python. 

“Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers,” said Cuong Do, Software Architect,

“Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning, and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language.” said Peter Norvig, director of search quality at Google, Inc.

3. Its applications are numerous. 

Python is used in many application domains. It is used for web and Internet development, Scientific and numeric computing, Software development and at places you can’t even imagine! 

Where to learn Python? 

If you are keen on learning this in-demand programming language, check out Code Avengers Python course because they really have something great to offer. 

Following are the reasons why I recommend and prefer Code Avengers for learning Python or even other programming languages: 

1. Code Avengers is best for beginners too – If you are a beginner I would suggest you to join Code Avengers simply because it is easy to understand and instructions are quiet clear. 

2. I love Code Avengers Interface – To be brutally honest, I found Codecademy too dark and dull whereas Code Avengers has nice bright colors which don’t hurt eyes and the variables, tags and comments are well differentiated by the colors. 

3. Code Avengers has a great flow (pedagogy) – I am in love with how well they taught me HTML and I can’t wait to check out their Python course too. 

4. I used to think programming is too boring but the interactive courses at Code Avengers helped me. The points and leader board concepts are amazing. You can track how well you are doing. 

5. If you get stuck somewhere in between your tasks you can get help of the Video Tutorial too. 

Over To You! 

Are you an aspiring programmer like me? Which website do you prefer for learning to code? Are you interested in learning Python? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear from you. 

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