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Fundamentals Of Java Programming Language

Key Characteristics of Java :
  • Java is an Object Oriented Programming language(OOP) .
  • Being an Object oriented programming language java offers all the properties of OOP.
  • Features of java are similar to the features of OOP that is Objects and Classes, Data Abstraction and Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Message Communication, and many more. 
  1. Encapsulation - The wrapping up of data and methods into single unit is called as encapsulation.
  2. The insulation of data from direct access outside the class is called data hiding
  3. Data Abstraction - refers to the act of representing features without including the background complexities. 
Java is developed by Sun Microsystems of USA in 1991 by a team headed by James Gosling.
Java offers the following features :
  1. Compiled and Interpreted.
  2. Platform Independent.
  3. Object-oriendted.
  4. Robust and secure.
  5. Distrubuted.
  6. High Performnace.
  7. Dynamic and Extensible.
  8. Multithreaded and Interactive.
  9. Simple.

Java is widely used for Internet on World Wide Web and Web Browsers(HotJava being one the the browsers from Sun Microsystems that enables the display of interactive content on the Web).

Now, Firstly download Java from here : Download Link.
After downloading you must be wondering how to install ? For a complete guide on " How to Install Java ? "Watch our Tutorial Video.

Since you know now how to install Java... Lets begin with an simple program similar to our C++ program of creating objects and classes.
For the complete code of Java program for creating objects and classes Click Here! 

So, basically in the program we are creating an class and an object.

What are Classes ? 
The entire set of data and code of an object can be made a user-defined data type using the concept of a class. A class is a collection of similar types of objects. 

What is an Object ?
An object of a class is a basic runtime entity. An object can represent any real life entity. 

A class can have any number of objects and each object shares the methods of the class. 

In our consecutive blogs you will learn more interesting concepts of Java. Hope you liked this one. We are looking forward to receive your valuable views, comments and suggestions for improvements, in the comments below. Also, Please inform us if you find our content published somewhere else. Thank you so much. 

Happy Learning. Have a great day! 

Java Tip Of the Day : The public visibility modifier can appear on a class, a method, a variable, a constructor, a named inner class, or an interface.

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