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White Spaces, Data Types, Variables and Array Of Objects.

In our previous post (Fundamentals Of Java Programming Language) we discussed about Installing Java, Characteristics of Java, Classes and Objects. Click To View The Previous Post!

Now, In this post we are going to learn about White Spaces, Data Types, Variables and Array Of Objects.

Let us Begin...

What are White Spaces in Java ? 

White Spaces are backslash character constants which are also known as escape sequences.The following table shows the constants and their meaning alongside.

Backslash Character Constants
For a complete Java code on White Spaces Click Here!
The output of these constants are shown in the output screen below :

white spaces
Output Screen

Now, Moving on to the next topic, Data types.

What are data types ?

Data types specify the size and type of values that can be stored. Java language is rich in its data types.

Data Types in Java
Data Types in Java

To find out "How different data types differ to each other ?Click here! 

What are Variables ?  

A variable is an identifier that denotes a storage location used to store a data value.  
Remember : 
  1. Variables must not begin with a digit.
  2. It should not be a keyword.
  3. White spaces are not allowed.
  4. They can be of any length.   

For a complete code on variables and their use Click here! 

Print and Println :
The println always appends a newline character to the end of the string whereas Print do not.To Know how Print and Println works Click here for the Program! 

Array of objects : 

We have already studied that an object is the collection of data types and methods of the class to which it belongs. But what if we have more than one object in our program ? In this situation, The objects share the methods of the class but not the data members.
To know more about Array Of Objects Click Here!  

Happy Learning. Have a great day! 

Java Tip Of the Day : You cannot have more than one public class per file.

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