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Applet And Graphics Programming In Java! - Series Finale!

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What is Applet?

An applet is a small program which can displayed on a web page. It is dynamic and Interactive.
Before we start writing an applet program, we need to import .applet and .awt package.
When we declare our applet class name we need to extend pre-defined Applet class which is defined in java.applet.package.

Applet class hierarchy
Applet class hierarchy
An applet life cycle includes 5 states and 5 methods...

1. Initialization or Born state = init() method.
2. Running state = Start() method.
3. Display state = Paint() method. (Not Considered).
4. Idle state = Stop() method.
5. Destroyed or Dead state = Destroy() method.

Applet life cycle
Applet life cycle
We can view an applet by using a java enabled web browser like HotJava or appletviewer. Nowadays, almost all the web browsers support applets.

Following is a sample code to run an applet :

Following example demonstrates how to create a basic Applet by extending Applet Class.You will need to embed  HTML code to run this program.

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class Main extends Applet{
   public void paint(Graphics g){
      g.drawString("Learnign Java With TeamSR.",40,20);
 // Now call the class in your HTML code as follows:
<APPLET CODE="Main.class" WIDTH="800" HEIGHT="500"> </APPLET

We can draw different shapes using the graphics class and applet class. Shapes like oval, circle, rectangle, polygon,etc. can be drawn using method like drawOval, drawPoly, drawRect, etc.

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