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How To Unplug?

This post is about... " How to unplug from the need to constantly check in ".

Are you trapped in the virtual world?
Below are the 5 Tips which will help you to disconnect from the technology and connect to the real world...

1. Refrain from using any gadget or device for 24 hours in a week : There are serious personal benefits of taking time away the constant hum of technology. So why wait for your next vacation? Take a device hiatus every week. On Friday night, turn off everything with a screen — your computer, tablet, and phone. Put them in a drawer to keep them out of sight. And don’t turn them on again until Saturday night. Knowing you won’t be able to connect for 24 hours can be unnerving, so prepare in advance. Print out your schedule, along with any maps or phone numbers you need. Let people know that they won’t be able to text, tweet, email, use Facebook, or web chat during that time. Then enjoy – be present and focused on whatever you do – spend time with your kids, go for a hike, read a book. You’ll likely find the day is longer and when you power back on, you’ll feel recharged.
Do not use devices while having a conversation. 

2. Do not use a gadget when having a conversation with a human : How often are you distracted at a conversation with a real physical person? It's a question that's almost laughable, right? Most of us are distracted several times, if not dozens of times, every day. Never ever check your device while having a conversation with a person in real. This can decrease your productivity for sure.

3. Take a walk everyday for 30 to 45 minutes : Everyday spend your 30 to 45 minutes of your precious time to go out for a walk. This helps you to reconnect and regenerate your thoughts and also helps you to move away from the distracting world of technology. Moreover, this strengthens your heart, lowers disease risk, keeps weight in check, tones your legs, boosts Vitamin D levels, gives you energy and makes you happy.

4. Once in a week go to a coffee shop or any outdoor place like a park and read a book : This will help you to reduce mental stress, stimulates your mind, gives you knowledge, your vocabulary expands and also improves your concentration.

5. Do not check your accounts an hour before you go to bed and after you wake up : A common and popular habit of almost every social media user is checking accounts before going to bed and checking them in the first hour you are awake. This can distract your mind and can result in poor sleeping patterns and can ruin the objective and productivity of the entire new day. Instead, spend the first hour of your day to plan out your day and think about the things you want to achieve or complete. This will focus your mind and help you to improve your concentration throughout your day.

This blog is adapted from a YouTube video by Brendon Burchard.

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