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Three Golden Rules Of Communication

3 Golden Rules by Rohan Chaubey.
Three Golden Rules Of Communication.
"Nothing could be easier than failing to communicate. For years loudness was equated with toughness , Stubbornness was equated with superior knowledge, Argumentativeness was equated with honesty."

You would have read the above lines in the book," The Leader In You - Dale Carnegie ". The importance of communication was widely underestimated decades ago. The truth of the matter is that communication is both a skill and an art. Communication is the sister of leadership. "Technical skills may get you the job, but soft skills can make you or break you as a manager."

So, following are the 3 Golden rules you need to follow for a perfect communication.

Make Communication a Top Priority.1. Make communication a top priority : No matter how busy you find yourself but you must find time to communicate. There is no such compulsion that the effective communication can only occur in big conference rooms. It can also happen in the cafeteria, or at any other informal places. The first and the foremost rule for an effective communication is to always be ready to communicate.

Be Open To Other People.
2. Be open to other people - above, below and beside : This rule does not mean that you need to be so open that you end up saying things you were not suppose to say. This golden rule means to be always open to hear new thoughts and ideas of others. And also embracing those ideas which you liked the most. This statement also does not mean that you just need to hear everyone and then never ever agree to them or implement their views. To successfully implement this you need to be humble and down-to-earth. 

Create a Receptive Environment for Communication. 3. Create a receptive environment for communication : Receptive environment here means : "Once people do take the risk of telling you what they think, don't punish them for their openness. Do nothing - absolutely nothing - to discourage them from taking the risk of communicating again." Never be condescending, contradicting, berating , demeaning , treating other people as if "I am the boss, and you just work here". 

Conclusion: The ability to communicate well is what lights the fire in people. It's what turns great ideas into actions. It's what makes all achievement possible. So always be open to communicate, create a receptive environment and always be available for communication. 

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