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Leading You Out Of The Darkness Into The Light ~ by Maxwell Ivey Jr.


Book Cover
There are many books that will guide you to success. But this book is written by a writer who first lead himself out of the darkness and became a success! The author is none other than Maxwell Ivey Jr. who is almost blind but has set a high standard in the world of blogging. His courage and determination is what that has made him a winner in life...

The Cover Art: 5 out of 5.
The cover of the book is awesome.
The cover itself says about the content inside the book and what it is going to be.

About the book: The book is divided into several steps. Each step guides you towards success. At the end of each step, the writer has provided an exercise which makes the book more interactive as he says the reader to email him the answers. That is so cool, isn't it?

My experience while reading the book: To be honest, I thought this is an another book which is going to give us some guidelines to success but believe me it is far beyond that. They not only guide you but at the same time urge you to start working towards your goal. The exercises given at the end of each step will help you realize your goals and how to accomplish them.

It is an inspiring strategy for success.

Nothing in this book is difficult to understand, he has written the book in a very easy to understand language which can be understood my any one. But it guides you to be a winner even in a difficult situation.

This book is the perfect example of turning shortcomings and setbacks into opportunities and success! I give this book a perfect 10!

Read the book to find out more!

How this book can change your life: This book is life changing, I am saying this from my experience because I have read this book very carefully. It focuses on helping you reach your goal. The writer talks about his own experiences and he also talks about how he gained strength from his weakness. He wants you to rise above all!

I enjoyed reading and I want to thank Maxwell for being a guide.

Who is Maxwell? Maxwell is a blind entrepreneur whose primary business is helping people sell amusement equipment. Now exploring sharing his life through blogging coaching and public speaking. Looking to inspire and motivate others while he follows his own dreams.

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Special thanks to Priyanka Sharma ma'am, she has a blog in which she reviews books. That blog helped me to write this review. Click here to visit here blog.

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