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'Google Resume' - The Newest Resume Trend For 2015

Google search style resume by rohan chaubey
Step-wise procedure to make a Google Search resume.
The newest Resume trend for 2015 is the "Google Resume". Its spreading like a wild fire on the internet.  'Google Resume' Could be the new thing for tech-savvy Job hunters. It is more attractive than the standard resumes. Once you know how to make a resume your next step could be how to make a "Google Resume". Below is the step - wise procedure to make a Google resume in the most easiest way possible and also I have provided a screenshot of a sample resume built by me. That looks innovative and something out of the box, isn't it? So lets get started!

Google Resume designed by Rohan Chaubey.
Google Resume designed by Rohan Chaubey.
I Google searched for steps to create a Google resume many times using almost every possible keyword. I got a few sites and blogs describing about them but not reducing the complexity and stating how to make it. So I found the easiest way to do that without having to know any kind of programming languages.

Presenting... first time ever the steps to build a Google resume:

1. Open your Microsoft Word and select a new document. 

If you have a Microsoft Office suite it would be great but if you don't have it you can still build this using Google docs which is available online on Google drive.

2. Open your browser and Google search whatever you need to describe yourself. 

For example have a look at my Google search box. You can type anything like your name or any qualities that describe you like I have done using the plus (+) sign. You don't need to hit the search button but if you do hit it doesn't matters. 

3. Snip the portion of the area around the Google search box. 

Again, have a look at my Google search box and see how much area we need to snip to make it look nice. You can capture the Google search box area using a default tool which comes with every windows version that is Snipping tool. If you are unable to find the snipping tool follow these steps: Click on the windows start button - in the search box type "snipping tool" - And click the tool to launch it. If you are still unable to find snipping tool then use duck capture or any other screen capturing tool to grab the screenshot. Many online tools are available for free.

4. Now, go to your word document and press CTRL+V or right click and select paste. 

Make sure you place the Google search box properly in the document. When you snip the image of the Google search box you don't need to copy it because it gets copied on to your clipboard automatically.

5. Write your resume.

Below the Google search box start typing your resume and append the following sentences at the end of your resume and customize the sentences as per your role in the organization. 

Make sure you hire the best possible candidate.
Try someone Creative.
Try an excellent Thinker, Blogger and Developer.
Try Rohan Chaubey!

Did you mean to hire: Rohan Chaubey?

6. Put a border to your resume and its done!

Congrats! You built your own Google Search Resume. What's next? Go impress your future Bosses and Managers. All the best! 

Important things to keep in mind

  • Don't make your resume over decorative and informal.
  • Nobody will be offended if you make your resume Google search style but before actually trying this search your company and then use this. Do not use this resume while going for an interview for a position in Facebook. (Joking). The most creative and innovative managers and employers will love this.
  • Keep it simple and sweet. 
  • Do put two lines one vertical and one horizontal as I have done in mine so that it gives the resume an elegant look. 

If you found the above steps too technical or difficult to follow then download my SlideShare document and customize it as per your needs. 

Yay! Your Google resume is ready without having to know about any programming languages. 

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