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Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Write Amazing Comments


I often find many of my blogger friends struggling with writing and replying to comments. Some break the communication cycle or only post generic comments.

In this post, I intend to provide 5 secrets of writing an amazing comment that will gain maximum up votes, likes, replies and above all, will add much value to the discussion.

So, here are the 5 Secret techniques to write amazing comments.

Using these 5 techniques and tips you can craft irresistible and perfect comments. Use this as a checklist.

1. Comment to genuinely add value not with the intention to get more readers on your blog.

I often see bloggers commenting on other's blog just to gain more readers for their blogs. While doing this, they end up writing a generic comment and rarely contribute some original thoughts on the post. 

Always remember, if you genuinely indulge in conversations on the blog posts you will definitely get quality readers and bloggers reciprocating the efforts you took to write comments for their posts. 

So the secret tip #1 is to leave a genuine reply and just don't leave generic comments. 

Example of an generic comment:
“Interesting post! Thanks for writing it.”
How to reply generic comments? 

Don't waste your time welcoming their comments. Just write:
"Thanks for reading!"

2. Write a nice comment or else shut up!

Write encouraging comments on blogs of bloggers who have taken much pain to write a better post for you. Don't sound harsh or blunt in the comments. 

There is something called as constructive criticism. Use the following sentences to express your disapproval or discontent.

1. If you disagree or dislike a point stated by the writer use... 
Would you agree that this post is very unsatisfactory? 
Do not use... 
This is a poorly written post. 
2. If something is unclear write in the comments asking... 
I am unaware of this field, would you mind to re-frame your point for me?
I am afraid I didn't quite understood what you wrote. Would you mind repeating it, please?
While responding to the above mentioned types of commentators... Keep an open mind about what people say. The first step to write a reply is to read it completely and understand it correctly.

If someone asks for repitition, further explanation, or extra information, back up your reply with relevant facts, information and up-to-date statistics.

But remember that you should not waste your time on people who refuse to understand you. 

3. Do not spam.

While writing a comment, do not leave a link to your blog at the end or anywhere in the comment. This habit is hated by all. 

The internet is flooded with spammers and bloggers are finding it hard to fight spams. So, always refrain from adding links in your comments if you don't want a "Spammer Tag" under your name.

You will get chances of promoting your blog while writing a comment on other blogs. If you comment just to spam links to your blog, I suggest you to find and search for CommentLuv enabled sites and enjoy spamming. 

Tip: If you find a CommentLuv enabled blog, leave a link to your post which is similar to the blog topic you just read. That link will have higher possibilities of getting most clicks. Shhh...! It's a secret. ;) 

4. Express agreement and react honestly.

Don't fake appreciations. Act normal and react honestly. When giving positive feedback, state reasons for your praise. 

Know which questions to ask, to enhance discussion or spice up the comment conversation. 

If you got to learn something useful, never refuse to leave a comment. You should not feel shameful if you didn't knew something. 

Appreciate the writer who helped you learn new things. This will in turn encourage them to come up with great posts and they will also start valuing your feedback more than others.

5. Long comments or short comments? Which one is better?

If you are reading this, I want you to give your opinion on this... Whether you should write long comments or short ones? 

I saw some sites claiming that if someone writes a long comment, they are probably newbies. But I strongly disagree to them. I have seen wonderful pro bloggers writing long comments which really contains some value in it. 

Whereas, a short comment is not bad at all. But one thing you need to remember is that you need to add value and avoid writing a generic comment.

One bonus tip, make your visitors and readers feel nice and appreciate them for contributing their thoughts on your blog.

The unspoken rule of Blogosphere: 

Treat me like a Queen, I will treat you like a King. Treat me like a game and I will show you how it's played.

Either positive or negative, comments are good because it shows I am still relevant.

Best commentators on my blog are: +Sasidhar Kareti +John Maduka +umapathy sekar +Mi Muba +Soham Patel Patel +P V Ariel +Ajay Pai +Ashutosh Jha +Ahmad Imran +Harleena Singh +Nathaniel Kidd +Ikechi Awazie +Donna Merrill +Yvonne I. Wilson +Satya P. Joshi +Rahul Krishnan +Arpit Roy +Carol Amato +Vernon Layne +Nikshep Apasangi +Shamsudeen Adeshokan +Gowthama Rajavelu +Ajith Jojo +Nirmala Santhakumar +Ibrahim E. M. +Mustafa Gaziani +Swadhin Agrawal +Lea Bullen +Atish Ranjan 

I heartily thank the above mentioned commentators. They are the best when it comes to commenting. I thank them for adding much value to my blog and for keeping my blog alive. A BIG THANKS. 

Over to you!

Now, its your turn to take the conversation further. Let me know if I missed any secrets of writing an amazing comment. Or share your views on this post in the comments box below.

Thank you so much for reading. Please share if you enjoyed reading it.

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