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WordPress Vs. Blogger: The Ultimate Face Off! [Expert Speak]

From the last four weeks I am trying to understand which blogging platform I shall use. I searched the web, visited their (WordPress and Blogger) official sites and lastly asked the experts for their opinions.

In today's post I am going to put before you some voices of experts. Lets see what they have to say about Blogger and WordPress ...

Me: Do you think Blogger (Blogspot) should not be used for any type of business? 

+Sasidhar Kareti : Not completely. 'Blogger' can be used for some kind of businesses. The only limitation is the technical flexibility and nothing else. 

We heard a blogger saying,"If you’re wanting a hobby blog, by all means - let them (Google) host it, own it and control it." We asked Sasidhar about it. 

+Sasidhar Kareti : Why should and how could Google control our blog if it is on blogger? Google means no harm to any blog unless they post explicit content. If it is in the case of hobby bloggers, there is nothing to worry, as they(bloggers) just write about everything else that comes to mind (as their opinions). 

We also heard someone saying,"The content on Blogger is not yours ... It’s not your domain. You are just renting your site, but Blogger owns it."

+Sasidhar Kareti : I do not agree to the statement. Content on blogger is ours only. Blogger is just a hosting which is free and you will map it with your domain. In case if you want to host your blog on another server with your customized hosting management software like WordPress or anything, it is the same. The only difference is that you will get the technical flexibility achieved to some extent and you'll have to pay for your own hosting. 

No content is yours unless you take backups periodically. Will the content on WordPress stay forever if you don't take any backup? What if it is hacked? By the way, WordPress has higher scopes of being hacked than that of blogger! 

To further clear the airs about Blogger platform we asked +Ahmad Imran - Do you think Google might shut down Blogger in future if they don't get enough from it? 

I don't think Google will close it but I believe that they understand that serious bloggers are preferring the WordPress or other new platforms such as FourSquare Empower Network etc. 

Reading +Ahmad Imran's statement we contacted +Sasidhar Kareti with this question: "Recently a tech blogger quoted that serious bloggers are preferring the WordPress or other new platforms such as FourSquare Empower Network. Do you agree?

That's a very interesting question to answer. 

I don't know what made that tech guy conclude that WordPress users are serious bloggers and 'blogger' bloggers are not. I see many bloggers started up with blogger and migrated to WordPress for much flexibility of using the environment. That is the only reason. Do you know that many bloggers are quitting blogspot basing on the misconceptions rather than a on a true purpose? 

Using of WordPress doesn't make one a serious bloggers and the one who uses 'blogger' a time pass blogger. What if a serious blogger don't know much about using WordPress being a non-techie? Do you think he is not serious enough?

I am working on an article since you asked me a question last time on the same issue and I will come up with all the facts and fiction about blogger and WordPress people actually misunderstand very soon.

We further continued to chat with +Ahmad Imran and asked him - Do you think blogs on Blogger (Blogspot) should only be used if you are a blogger who chose blogging as a hobby only

He replied,"Yes I believe that Google's blogspot is more associated with beginners to intermediate bloggers only. If you are serious about your brand and the blog, WordPress is a preferred option.

[ Imran maintained his statement that bloggers who are serious prefer WordPress over Google's Blogger ].

When asked +Abrar Mohi Shafee about which one is the best, he replied,"WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is coded with PHP. Compared to other codes, it is very time saving. You don’t have to write codes in every single page. Using PHP you can easily do it by calling the files.

Next, if you are very familiar to Google Adsense, you might probably know adsense only accepts hosted account for blogger. So the adsense earning in blogger is low compared to wordpress because you can have your own account using wordpress. Even, most of the ad networks don’t allow blogger."

We also asked the same question to the Aha!Now King - Vinay Kachhara.

Vinay Sir's Statement: "If you are really keen and serious about blogging, then go for a premium theme on a self-hosted WordPress platform. However, if you have any doubts or if there are any restrictions, then you can stay where you are, because it’s not that blogs on the Blogger platform can’t be successful. 

Ultimately it all culminates to your relationships, content, and your reach. These are what make a blog and blogger successful, irrespective of the blogging platform." 

After posting questions at Aha!Now forums, Amfas Tech, ReasonToUse.com and after reading tons of sites and blogs ... I concluded that each blogging platform has its own pros and cons.

And  I am continuing with Blogger at least for a year I guess and if at all I start a WordPress.org blog, I will not shift it rather I will start afresh.

Special thanks to Vinay Kachhara, Sasidhar Kareti, Admad Imran, Mustafa and Abrar Mohi Safhee for participating in the discussion and taking time to answer my questions. Thanks a ton.

Also, Thanks to +Carol Amato ma'am. But unfortunately she could not send us her opinion because of her busy schedule and some important events in real life. And hence she remained unavailable to answer the question. But she did replied to us and we appreciate it. 

[ Some parts of this post are modified and removed. ]


We also asked Mustafa sir -"Which one is better: WordPress or Blogger?" And ( +Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai ) sir replied us saying ,"I would say both are successful blog-publishing tools, serving same purpose in different programming languages. Blogger in Python so Wordpress in PHP. Its just like you are cooking the same dish with different recipes. I strongly believe that if you love web development then you will find them both equally useful but if you lack technical skills, you will find wordpress a little complex when it comes to handling the webhosting, FTP, structural files, Database management, Security and Plugins installation all by yourself while in Blogger everything is a simple Drag and Drop! But wait--- That does not mean Blogger is for beginners while Wordpress is for Advanced users , I strongly disbelieve in this myth. 

With Blogger sky is the limit, you can develop your own widgets, add your own custom code and modify the template in any way you like. I am using and providing services for both these platforms since 2008 and I love them both but when it comes to a single choice, I would go with Blogger because it is more like an adventure ride where I can invent new tools and trust Google to look after its security."


We tweeted a question to +Blogger on Twitter and a guy who claimed to be a Top contributor for Google's Blogger replied to us and below is the embedded tweet.

Busting Blogger Myths! 

1. Blogger templates look unprofessional: 

I feel pity for those who feel this. In fact, I would say Blogger has equally beautiful pro templates and some are even available for free (with attribution, of course!). 

The one which I am using currently looks so nice and amazing and I am proud to have the attribution in the footer. Also, if you are a programmer or web designer make your own templates and upload it to Blogger and use it. Simple! 

On the other hand, It is so difficult for the web designer to change the WordPress themes. Whereas you can change Blogger templates easily in a few minutes. 

2. Blogs using Blogger are hated by Advertisers:

Who officially said you this? Which site Published this? Who is spreading these rumors?

I have friends who use Blogger platform and are running out of Ad space to have sponsor's banners on their blog. So, this is 100% a myth.

3. You are renting your blog not owning it, your blog will be deleted without prior notice:

Why will it be deleted if you are following all the terms and conditions. If you do illegal stuffs on your blog, it will surely be deleted. 

Google will never delete your blog if you continue to follow their rules. On the other hand, WordPress is so vulnerable to attacks and I am sure you are aware of this. 

4. Blogs on Blogger do not rank well in search engine:

I agree that there are easy to use plugins on WordPress to easily optimize your blogs for search rankings but do not blame 'Blogger' for your shortcomings.

There are ways to improve your search rankings by using simple tips and tricks. Just learn some SEO tricks using online resources.

Over to you! 

Okay, so these were the expert's opinions on blogger and WordPress. But we are still left to hear your view on this. Do comment your preferred platform and a reason for the same in the comments box below. 

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Vinay Kachhara - "Ultimately it all culminates to your relationships, content, and your reach."
Sasidhar Kareti - " No content is yours unless you take backups periodically."
Ahmad Imran - " If you are serious about your brand and the blog, WordPress is a preferred option."
Abrar Mohi Safhee - " Most of the ad networks don’t allow blogger."
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