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The Most Effective Guide To Market Yourself On Twitter

Social media gives us an opportunity to connect to so many like minded people who come from different walks of life. We would have never been able to connect to so many people just by sending mails.

The transparency on Internet soared high with the increasing use of Social media. Even big and reputed companies like Google have started searching for their potential future employees through social media networks. This clearly points how important is it to have a good social media reputation and presence.

Marketing your skills and yourself on Internet is much more easier than ever before with the advent of social media.

Can you imagine? A 140 character tweet can help you, bringing you closer to your dream job or something you always wanted to do?

The following are the best and most effective ways to market yourself on Twitter.

Setting up your Twitter account

The most common mistakes people make while setting up their account is they lack professionalism. The following tips will help you to create an outstanding Twitter account.

1. Choose a great user name: 

Most preferably it must be your name. If not your name, try selecting something which can be easily remembered by the other users.

If you are not using your real name as your user name, at least try keeping your (Twitter) Profile name as your real name.

It will allow your followers and friends to tag you easily. 

2. Profile picture: 

Try keeping your own head shot pictures but in case you are like me, uncomfortable to upload your pictures just keep something which should not look stupid or unwanted.

For example: I used an image having text "Rohan Chaubey" written on it as my profile picture as I am uncomfortable posting my pictures publicly.

Imagine if someone uses a Actor's photos as their profile pictures, it clearly hints that it is a fake account. So avoid using any Model's and Actor's photos as your profile picture.

3. Header photo: 

It should reflect something about you. It can be anything about what your business is related to or something about your personality.
My Twitter Header Photo

4. Twitter Background: 

Background is mostly ignored by many but it can be even more powerful than your header photo if used wisely. Having floral patterns and beautiful designs as your background is nice but not outstanding.

As your purpose is to promote yourself, you should use every corner of your Twitter page to accomplish this aim.

So a perfect background would be the one which defines you or your business.

Using Replies, Re-tweets and Favorites effectively

The most important and powerful means to be influential on Twitter is by using Replies, Re-Tweets and Favorites wisely.

1. Handling Twitter Replies:

Replies are important to engage in discussions. Make sure your replies fit perfectly using 140 characters. The key to achieve this is by condensing your thoughts into smaller sentences.

Remember: Make sure your every tweet contains some value in it.

If you don't have more than 50 replies to answer a day then do consider replying to every single mention.

Make sure you reply nicely and it is always safer to stick to the truth - the facts are sure to be uncovered eventually.

The more accessible you are the more people you will get to talk to you on twitter and the more coverage you will be given.

Make sure you make people feel nice about the things they said or asked you.

Here is one such example -

2. Managing Re-tweets: 

You don't need to end up re-tweeting every single tweet of your followers. Also, do not flood your twitter time line with large amount of re-tweets.

Try to balance the number of re-tweets with your own tweets in between.

Since we are promoting ourselves on Twitter make sure you re-tweet what others say about you. And if someone gives an opinion about you, reply to thank them and point their positive traits.

I got this tweet from one of my follower:
And this one is from my blogger friend +Ahmad Imran:
If you have lacs of followers choose the best tweets and re-tweet them.

3. Mark your Favorites: 

Don't just keep marking everything as favorite. Give a star only if you like it genuinely.

Also there are automated tools which automatically mark certain tweets favorite containing specific Keywords or hash tags. I suggest you to stop using it or never use it.

I usually prefer re-tweeting every tweet which I mark as favorite.

The ultimate way to get more Impressions and Engagements.  

Impressions: The number of times the users saw the tweet on Twitter.

Engagement: Total number of times the user has interacted with a tweet. This includes all clicks anywhere on the tweet like hashtags, link, etc.

You can track your impressions and engagement rate using Twitter analytics.

The best way to get more impressions and engagements is by -
1. Tweeting about hot and trending topics.
2. Replying or Tweeting to a popular account.
3. Joining a group/public twitter chat.
4. Posting during peak hours.

Suggest some more tips to get more impressions and engagement in the comments section below.

Get more re-tweets and favorites. 

By reading this sub-heading don't get tempted to buy re-tweets and favorites. Rather, form your own group or circle of people who re-tweet and favorite each others tweets. This happens naturally if you reciprocate the re-tweets and favorites of others.

Check the last section of this post to get my list of active re-tweeters.

Also, posting beautiful quotes, facts and interesting links will help you get some re-tweets and Favorites.

Pinning your tweets will give your specific tweets more exposure:

Sharing a quote with an interesting link also helps:

Start Planning to Trend yourself. 

Initially it might look difficult but I strongly suggest you to start your own trend on twitter. Trust me the Internet catches the trends very quickly.

I love using the #Rohanlicious hash tag in between my tweets. And I am promoting it well. If you have noticed. When you click the tweet button on my blog, the tweets contain #Rohanlicious automatically.

This way I am asking others to trend #Rohanlicious as well. And I have even formulated a nice meaning of this hash tag. You can check my twitter header photo to know more.

Someday in future this hash tag might go viral. I am even seeing the effect even from now. I never used Instagram but one of my follower on Twitter used this hash tag on Instagram also. That's so exciting!

To know my progress with this hash tag Check this out.

Followers Count doesn't matter 

Believe me the number of people following you doesn't really matters. I have seen people having 200k followers and having no re-tweets, favorites and replies.

And I have also seen people with 1000 followers having good amount of engagement with their tweets.

What do you think? Which one if better? Having more followers or having more engaging followers.

I periodically keep un-following people who are inactive for more than a month and do not indulge in conversation after repeated attempts.

Final Words

You become influential by measuring your engagement on twitter and not by your count of followers and following.

Twitter is all about being yourself and engaging. Being active, entertaining and interesting is the key to be a STAR on Twitter.

Let me know your opinions and views about this post in the comments section below and follow me on Twitter.

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[This post is purely based on the opinions of the author and some information posted here might contradict the popular opinion of the general public. Thanks for reading].


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