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Is It Legal To Alter Social Media Icons?

Is It Legal To Alter Social Media Icons.
If you have ever signed up for a social media account you would have surely agreed to their terms of service. And they also mention that if you violate their rules they might ban or terminate/suspend your account.

There are only a few account termination cases and we often don't get to see them but (Social media) companies are always actively working to suspend accounts which violate the terms of service.

Just imagine if your professional business account gets terminated suddenly without a prior notice for violating the terms of service; how would it impact your business? I am sure you know the power of social media and its role to keep your business alive.

A sudden ban or termination might show your business in a bad light. Your customers might doubt your integrity and credibility.

We all use social media icons on our blogs and websites. But do you know altering social media icons is actually illegal and you are going against the guidelines stated by the companies?

I am 100% sure you will re-check your social media icon after reading this post or you are checking it right now!

Most of the web designers design unique social media icons which can fit and agree to the website theme and design. The resultant icons look absolutely amazing, gorgeous, glamorous and awesome! And almost all of them violate the published and suggested guidelines.

What will happen if you alter the social media icons for your website? 

If some trusted sources are to be believed, the companies are working to stop the use of altered icons and you might not feel their effect at all because the internet is huge and if they happen to shut down every site violating their standards there would be a day when almost every other website would shut down.

How will social media companies shut down your website if you have a self hosted site? 

The answer to the above question is - They cannot! It is impossible to ban a site which is self hosted.

But the real risk and danger is for the blogs and sites which does not completely belong to the owner. In other words, the sites which are not self hosted face greater risk of being shut down.

For example: I am using Blogger (Blogspot) and I don't have a top level domain. Obviously, since I am not self hosting it, so there are chances my blog would be down the next day if I break and bend their suggested guidelines. So I would say,"Prevention is always better than cure".

Why take risk when the social media giants have already provided a set of logos which can be used by the public for free!

Probably, if you have a self hosted site, you might receive warnings or your social profiles would be suspended without any kind of prior notice.

The chances of getting a social media account or site terminated for violating terms or service is very less but the risk is real.

Is Altering Social Media Icons Legal? If no, What is Twitter doing to stop it? 

To explore the Guidelines, Do's and Don't's when working with social media icons visit the official company pages by clicking the following links. 

I am sure everyone loves those cute little heart shaped social media icons and our blogs look great by having them on the sidebars and footers. 

But at the same time, how will you feel if someone alters your trademarked blog or site logo? I am sure you will not love it. So why change social media icons, just because you didn't get punished yet. Why take risk? 

There are big companies and pro bloggers not following rules. When I checked their sites I was disappointed to see that millions follow them and they aren't following the guidelines. Let's see if at all they will get cracked down or will continue to perform this illegal act. 

Legal Social media Icons free to download for Bloggers.

Download the complete legal collection of social media icons and stay legal.

Probably, for the first time ever you get a golden chance to download completely legal icons of all the social media giants in one single package. Click on the "Download Now!" button and then select "Download" to get your free social media icons package.

Below is the video tutorial which will show you how to download my collection for free.

If you read this and believe that social media icon alteration must be stopped, feel free to share this because your share can bring a BIG change in the world of web designing. 

Thank you for reading. Stay Legal.

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