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3 Reasons My Blog Outplayed Even Without a Custom Domain


I started blogging five months ago; made connections with amazing bloggers, grabbed and received opportunities and invites for guest posts, did four interviews, appeared in expert-roundups and had a burning desire to make a place for myself in the Blogosphere. 

I decided to get a domain for my blog and get serious with blogging. So now my blog is having a custom domain that is www.rohanchaubey.com. I am finally revealing why my blog with a .blogspot extension outplayed the rest, even those on WordPress using SEO plugins, having custom domains and most importantly they were ages old. 

When I say my blog outplayed others that doesn't mean mine was the best. But I would surely say that it performed well than other average blogs on Blogger in just first 3 months or so. 

I did nothing extraordinary. I was just interested in getting my voice heard and being interested in others. Following are some tips I applied to start my blogging journey. 

1. Make Genuine Connections. 

I received some questions like: How did you manage to get so many bloggers commenting on your blog? 

I would say it just happened naturally. I never ever sent people links to my posts and asked them to comment on it. Nor I tagged a bunch of 50 people on my Facebook status update and forced them to comment on my blog posts. 

So what did I do? I simply got interested in them than getting them interested in me. I visited, read and commented on my fellow bloggers blogs at Aha!NOW ABC community. And every time someone new to me left a comment on my blog, I traced them on social media and got connected to them. 

I met some bloggers on Facebook who just got connected then asked their random queries about blogging and always talked about themselves. Guess what? In a few weeks, they asked me tons of questions and suddenly the next month acted as if we never knew each other. 

I at least expected that I would receive their feedback stating how things worked for them by applying what I suggested. 

Quick Tip: You can never make genuine connections when you always talk about you and your issues. 

2. Use Social Media to Gain Traffic. 

I am a super active social media user. I get major traffic to my blog from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ shares. 

Being a newbie, I wasn't much aware of SEO tactics so I used social media to gain exposure. 

Make use of social media for networking. It gets you more supporters and followers. 

I used facebook for having quick chats with some of the blogger friends. And used twitter to get insights from influencers. I love twitter because I found experts replying to me quickly. 

The secret of getting shares on social media is engaging with others updates as well. Always sharing ones own content would never help. Share the posts by other bloggers you enjoyed reading with your followers and always believe in reciprocation. 

3. Being Helpful at Community Forums. 

Joining communities would be the best advice to follow. Whichever communities I join I make sure I contribute enough and stay active there. 

Communities help you in connecting with many people at one place which you would never ever be able to do using social media. 

Staying active on community forums has lots of advantages and if you have been a part of some forums you definitely know what I mean. ;) 

I just followed these three simple tips stated above which helped me to get started with blogging. 

Now, I have an important announcement to make. I have changed my blog name from "Learning With TeamSR" to "Be Rohanlicious". 

I wanted my blog to have an exclusive template but the plan didn't worked out. So for now I liked this new template which I have applied to my blog and I will continue with it until I find someone amazing who can design for me. 

I have some plans to make this blog more engaging. And that is why here are the following new changes that would reflect soon. 

Rewards for being an active contributor and commentator. 

1. Hall Of Fame (HOF): Hall of fame is nothing but a special page on my blog which will feature best commentators, guest authors and regular visitors who share my posts on social media. 

People who will be featured on HOF will be valued for their honest contribution and will get an opportunity to have a short introduction about them and a link pointing to their blog. 

2. Mentions: The posts of active commentators will be mentioned and linked in my blog posts if the topics are found to be similar and relevant. 

3. Free Ad banners: After every 3 months the commentators who were most loyal and successfully shared their views on all the published posts will get an opportunity to have Ad banners (125 x 125 px) displayed for free. 

Bloggers/writers who can manage to write 5 quality guest posts for my blog will get a chance to display their Ad banner (125 x 125 px) for free. 

Freebies and special content upgrades which Subscribers would get for FREE. 

1. Each month a free e-book will be delivered to all the subscribers. 

2. All the subscribers will get my Twitter guides as promised earlier. 

3. After every post published on the blog, everyone on my mailing list will receive bonus content (Content Upgrade) which might be completely hidden and for private usage only. 

Now its your turn to take the discussion further!

Did you like the new theme of my blog? Are you excited about the new rewards, freebies and special content upgrades?

Thank you for reading. Be Rohanlicious. 

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