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The World Needs To Encourage And Celebrate Introversion!


I recently read a post written by one of my good blogger friend Rahul Krishnan which suggested some best jobs for Introverts. Since the blog title contained the word "Introvert", it immediately caught my attention and I couldn't stop myself from reading it.

After reading lots of articles online, I realized that introverts are most of the times not understood correctly. People don't really know what introversion is and they simply tag introverts as "Shy".

I am an introvert and I can assure you that introversion is not about being shy its about having an inner life.

Introverts are happy spending quality time with themselves doing what they love to do.

If you are an introvert like me you would have probably experienced this:

1. Your parents apologize for your shyness. (But you know you are not shy!).

2. People regard you as an "old soul".

I have personally experienced this when a few blogger friends of mine commented that I write as if I am a middle-aged blogger. Isn't that funny? (By the way, I am just 18!)

Some extroverts forget the fact that there are millions of introverts co-existing with them on the planet Earth and they shamelessly ask the following questions as if we (introverts) just landed from the Mars:

1. Why are you so quiet?

2. Why do you prefer being at home?

3. Why are you so boring?

4. Don't you like meeting new people? Why do you hate them? Why are you so rude?

5. You are so slow. How will you succeed in life?

This best answer you can ever give to all the above questions:

"I completely understand your concern about me. But I would like you to know that Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, J.K. Rowling, Charles Darwin and many more great people were INTROVERTS who preferred being at home, hated getting too social but still made a history.Thank you!"

Now, let me highlight the gifts you get for absolutely free being an introvert.

1. You are creative and slow.

Yes! You are creative than those outgoing extroverts and you really think before saying which makes you a bit slow. That is the reason you hate small talk. But at the same time, you can actually sit and listen to people for hours and communicate well during a deeper conversation. Most of the extroverts FAIL at doing this.

2. You observe things much better.

Introverts have a special power to notice things which extroverts would hardly be able to.

3. You have REAL friends.

You might find extroverts juggling with dozens and tons of friends but you as an introvert have just a FEW REAL friends which value you and celebrate your presence.

Extroverts make it appear as if they are having a lot of fun but the reality is, extroverts and introverts have different forms of Contentedness.

Just because extroverts fun is louder than introverts fun doesn't mean introverts don't have fun at all.

4. You hate going on call even with your close friends.

We (introverts) don't hate attending calls but we hate attending unexpected calls. So whenever somebody calls or makes a sudden plan for a voice/video call, we might completely say a BIG NO because we are not mentally prepared for it.

5. Introverts are amazing public speakers and that is the reason why we have so many introverts doing so well in the TED talks.

If you don't believe me, watch this TED talk delivered by Susan Cain - "The Power Of Introverts".

6. Introverts don't lack social skills.

I think they have much better skills than extroverts. Introverts have the super power to rule, influence and lead the world using their Knowledge if not their Personality.

7. They are not weird.

The person who feels that way (introverts are weird) is weird himself. Introverts are not weird at all. Its just that people have not really understood what introversion really is and that is why they feel and categorize introverts as weird.

8. Introverts are excellent in personal branding.

In a Forbes article William Arruda has explained in-depth why introverts excel in personal branding. Read it here!


Introverts bring extraordinary talents to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated. #Rohanlicious #inspire pic.twitter.com/dZZi3pSNwc

— Rohan Chaubey (@TechBluemoon) April 14, 2015

While I was doing some research on this topic, I found various YouTube videos claiming for sure ways to turn an introvert into an extrovert. This is complete non-sense. How can you change a persons way of behaving, reacting and understanding things in a 3 minutes video?

Introverts didn't chose to be introverts but they naturally are that way. Introversion is an orientation and it is not a disease which needs a cure!

Its your turn to take the conversation further!

If you are an extrovert.

If you are an extrovert and you read this post, please share this with your friends or family members who are introverts because they would feel good about themselves after reading this. Comment below and let me know what you personally think about introverts. I would love to hear from you.

If you are an introvert.

If you felt good after reading this do share it with your friends and family members who are introverts too. Also let me know if I missed mentioning something special about us (introverts) in the post.

If you know someone who doesn't really know what introversion actually is, send the link to this post now! Its time for introverts to unite individually!

How sharing this post can bring positive changes in lives of introverts?

Read this thread started on Reddit 2 years back and there are many worse cases which are recent and needs urgent attention.

Your kind share might make introverts feel special about themselves.

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P.S. Please let me know whether you are an introvert or an extrovert while commenting your views. Thank you.

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