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How To Be Nice Without Using Any Supernatural Creativity?

How to be nice?
Being nice is all about being yourself

I am excited to announce that I am starting a new series on my blog which is "Ask Rohan". I recently started receiving lots of e-mails, messages and tweets from lovely people asking me questions about social media, programming and they even asked many things about me. 

Some common questions included - 

1. What do you do? 
2. How do you get mind blowing comments on your blog and on social media? 
3. How do you manage to be super active everywhere? 
4. Are you sure you are a human? 

I am not at all exaggerating anything! Some even asked for help with their blog templates, design and content. So finally I decided to start a Q and A category that is "Ask Rohan" to utilize all the questions and answer them effectively. 

It is almost impossible for me to answer all of them on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and various community forums. So one common destination where you can get my response quick is by sending me your questions using the contact form at my blog. 

In this post, I am going to answer Subham Srivastava's question which he originally sent me on twitter. He writes: 

Hi Rohan, How do you manage to be nice all the time? I have been seeing and carefully noticing you everywhere and I love the way you interact with people so nicely and I want to know how do you always manage to be neutral even when you don't feel like being. I also want to know what it takes to be Rohanlicious? Thank you so much, Subham. 

My Answer to Subham's question: 

Subham, We first connected on a facebook group then we added each other to our friends list, after that we got connected at every place possible online where we both had an account. 

There are certain qualities I noticed about you. They are: 

1. You are expressive. 
2. You are bold. 
3. You are not afraid to ask for help. 
4. You believe in connecting to people however possible. 

I really appreciate you asking this question Subham. I was researching on this topic and I was shocked to see the amount of global searches being made monthly with the keyword "How To Be Nice?". 

So there are tons of people like you who want to be known as a nice person. And being nice is as easy as being rude. 

I always believe in being known for being nice. It takes time for people to realize how amazingly nice you are! 

But you need to realize that you don't need to start expressing that you are nice. If you are nice it would reflect naturally and you will be recognized for being polite to everyone. 

For being nice you don't actually need to remind yourself that "I need to be nice". It should be just natural. 

Here is what I do and I suggest you to do - 

When someone offers me a dull idea or feedback, I don't criticize it rather I say nothing or I try to convey what I believe about the suggested idea in a polite way. 

When someone tags me wrong, rather than arguing or giving an excuse, I just thank them and move ahead if they are not worth my time and attention. 

Now, the question is who isn't worth your time and attention? The people who you don't know and those who never made an effort to know you. 

And lastly when someone is helpful to me, I thank them thousand times ( Ugh... When will I stop exaggerating the numbers? ;) ) 

Remember, being nice requires series of positive acts. 

Below are SEVEN magical tips that will help you in being the better version of yourself: 

1. Don't be Judgemental. 

The less you rate and judge others the more people will start liking you. All we need is somebody just hearing us and not judging our ways, isn't it? 

2. Stay tight-liped when you are angry. 

Never convey your thoughts to others when you are angry or sad. The moment you feel better try talking it out. 

3. Be Grateful. 

Don't forget to thank people around you who make you smile and happy or help you in any way possible. Occasionally make cute cards and messages for them, write a thank you note and send it. 

4. Avoid Negativity. 

Always refrain from starting your sentence using the words like "No," "However," or "But". They convey that the person standing in front of you is completely not smarter than you or is absolutely wrong. 

5. Do not try to win always. 

Some people have an attitude of winning over others by any means. This should be avoided and we need to realize that winning over people is not always important but winning people is important! 

6. Do Not play the blame game. 

Never blame others even if you are right. Instead just try to distribute the reason of failure among all equally (applicable when you are working in a team). 

7. Put yourself after people (but not always). 

You need to give people chance to share their feelings. You can't always talk about yourself or even if you do, make sure you also ask about them. 

There are some moments where you need to give priority to yourself too. But remember that you need to provide value to others before asking for anything in return. 

Final Words 

Be Yourself. Just focus on filling your box (mind) with selflessness, positivity, kindness and humility. That is all it takes to be Rohanlicious. 

Being Rohanlicious is not about me. It doesn't defines me. Many might be having a doubt that by writing "Rohanlicious" I am defining myself. But they are sadly mistakenly. Its more about YOU than ME. 

For readers reading this word for the first time, ROHANLICIOUS stands for being Real, Optimistic, Honest, Admirable, Nice, Leader, Inspirational, Creative, Insightful, Opportunistic, Unique and Selfless. 

I am myself trying to introduce these good qualities in me. And that is really great Subham that you wish to be Rohanlicious as you said this multiple times on social media. :) 

Following are the tweetables that are relevant to the questions asked by Subham. Don't forget to tweet them as it can help someone. 

Now I would love to hear from YOU (the one reading this post right now). 

1. Did you ever felt the need to be a nicer person as Subham felt? Or do you feel that way now? 

2. How do you manage to be nice even when you don't feel like being? 

3. If you have something special that you wanna tell Subham, Please let him know in the comments below. 

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