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How To Make A Great Digital First Impression And Maintain It [Ask Rohan]

Ask Rohan - How to make a great digital first impression

Deep down, we all just want to be the most memorable person in the room. We all have the hunger and the desire to be known. Being memorable is all about being real and honest. People will naturally get attracted to you if you add value into their lives.

But also remember that adding too much value is dangerous - The overwhelming desire to add our two cents to every discussion. Your digital personality should reflect your real world personality. How is that possible?

This post will help you stand out of the crowd and make a great digital impression. I am categorizing this post under "Ask Rohan" series because I am also going to answer questions from one of my reader. 

Here is what Susheel from Digicular.com writes to me -
"Hi Rohan, This is Susheel. I am here with a question for your "Ask Rohan" series. How do you manage to get so many followers on social media? What suggestion would you give on social sharing? What do you share on your social media accounts (personal and official) other than sharing your blog posts? And how do you manage to get so many blogging friends?

I hope this will be a nice question to write a post about. I eagerly await for your post. Thank you." 
Wow! Susheel has a lot of questions for me to answer. The most generalized answer for all the questions of Susheel is - "Have a good digital first impression". The following magical tips will help you create a strong online presence and reputation.

1. Get the basics right. 

The first rule is to present yourself online without withholding anything. I don't mean to say you need to put all your personal information on the web. Never! Just fill out whatever is asked.

For example: Complete your social media profiles completely!

I'd written a post sometime back which can help you to get started with Twitter - The Most Effective Guide To Market Yourself On Twitter.

Some important points to remember:

1. Make sure your profiles are public. Example: LinkedIn profile.

2. Include description about you and your work in the BIO.

3. Choose a nice avatar for your profiles.

4. Constantly upgrade your profiles so that they are kept fresh.

2. Be friendly and be active. 

If you have created an account on any social networking sites or community website, always remember to login almost everyday to check what's happening.

Don't just create an account and then leave it. If you can't handle your social media accounts yourself hire someone who can work for you. But it is better if you do it yourself.

3. Make quality connections and maintain them. 

Creating new connections isn't a hard task but maintaining them is surely difficult. Returning to people only when you need some favor from them will eventually make you look bad. And ultimately others will stop responding to you. 

The best way to establish great connections online is by first adding value. Always remember -

"The law of reciprocity and kindness is more important than pictures with a fake smile on social media."

You need to have a responsive network in order to outshine online. The first thing people check on your social media profile or your blog is how people interact with you and how approachable you are. 

If you feel you are being a victim of a parasitic friendship online you need to learn to say "NO" when needed.

Use the easiest and the most effective scripts to say "No" -

When someone asks for a favor and you just don't want to help them - 

"Let me get back to you." Or "Let me think about it." Most of the people forget what they were asking to you after some days. [I use this on Facebook where there are SO many asking for help].

There is an another trick to achieve the same - 

Ask the person who contacts you via a social media chat to go to your site and send you an e-mail using the contact page. I bet 50% of the people will never do this and they will leave you alone. I do this all the time and only those who are really serious with their queries would contact you via an e-mail.

Susheel did the same and so he deserves to get his questions answered in this post.

When someone wants you to promote them using your network

I have a small group of people who are really responsive to whatever I post. When people around you, see you having a strong network even of small group of people they will like you to endorse them. 

Never ever endorse or promote anything just because someone asked you. Chances are you are devaluing yourself and not creating a good impression on others by doing this.

Here is what you can tell them - 

"Congratulations for your product/service/post. It seems like you are really working hard to promote it. I wish you all the best with your blog/product/service."

Did you notice that I nowhere used the word "No" or anything similar in that script? Because the message itself conveys that I am not interested in promoting others unless I really feel to do so.

If somehow is shameless enough to ask for the second time do not hesitate to say a clear "No".

When someone always comes to you for advice or consultation

Let them know how busy you are and ask them directly - "How may I help you?"

So these were some graceful ways to say no or directly get on the point and finish up with the discussion really quick.

You really need to be connected with quality friends and followers and do not believe in quantity. 

4. Believe in giving. 

Lets be honest, no one likes people who are of no use or don't add anything valuable into their lives. If you really want to be a valuable and celebrated person online you need to be helpful and provide value.

5. Do not always find ways to earn profit. 

If you approach new people online and start a conversation by talking about yourself and your business or blog or whatever, you are doing it completely wrong. Let the other person talk about himself.

Here is how I try find out more about people who I hardly know - 

"Hi [Person's first name], I feel so happy to connect with you. I never came across you or your blog, but I would love to know about you and your work. Is there anything you want me to know about you?"

If you are already friends with me on Facebook or Twitter, you already would have noticed that I always give priority to others first in any kind of conversation. And believe me it makes you memorable in the minds of others if you give first priority to them.

6. Create drama. 

This would sound like an odd piece of advice. But it works so well. When I say "Create drama" I urge you to be opinionated and be in the talks. Participate actively in a public discussion or a debate. You will find some discussions in communities or social media chat.

Be sure that you voice your opinion and show your expertise. Sound very calm and back-up your opinions with valid data or simply quote an expert.

I do this and I get to know many new people when I randomly join any discussion. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind -

1. Do not directly attack someone.

2. Make sure the organizer or the one who started the discussion is your friend or you know him. This helps when there is a negative feedback about you, and you get a chance to get it deleted if something is really unacceptable.

3. Sound sane and don't go mad.

4. Join discussions where you can learn something new.

Some bloggers really are afraid to voice their opinions because they think it will hurt their reputation. But I feel if you are a blogger you must stand for your own views. 

I found a video on YouTube which you might find helpful to create a strong online first impression. 


"A good reputation is more valuable than money." - Publilius Syrus. 

Now, Let me answer Susheel's questions. The following are the questions which he wants me to answer. I have included my short answers just after his every question.

1. How do you manage to get so many followers on social media? 

Susheel, Let me explain how I got a few followers on social media -

Google+: It was because of the circle shares but sadly Google removed this feature recently.

Twitter: I follow only those who are interesting. I suggest you to read my guest post at Aha!NOW which will guide you to gain blog audience using Twitter.

Facebook: I participate in debate and comment under others status updates. So their friends send me a request or start following my updates if they find it interesting. 

All the support I have gained on social media is because I love reciprocation. I don't believe in having fans rather I believe in having friends. I feel friendship shouldn't be parasitic but mutually beneficial.

2. What suggestion would you give on social sharing? What do you share on your social media accounts (personal and official) other than sharing your blog posts? 

I would say do not over share and also don't be inactive for a long time. You need to find out what works best for you. Here is my social sharing plan -

Google+: Once a week.

Twitter: I have two accounts. On personal account (@techbluemoon) I tweet once after every two days but I keep interacting using Direct messages or tweets.

On my blog account (@Rohanlicious) I keep tweeting throughout the day. Everything is manual, none of my tweets are automated.

Facebook: I just post randomly once a day or on every alternate days.

Besides sharing my blog posts. I prefer sharing quotes, my fellow blogger's blog posts, sometimes a few questions too.

And how do you manage to get so many blogging friends? 

I don't have too many but a good number of blogging friends who are really so supportive. I got to meet amazing bloggers at Aha!NOW, Blogger Help Forum, Twitter, Google+ and I was mentioned in social media updates of some great and respectable bloggers which in turn brought me some followers.

You asked some great questions Susheel. Because you asked about me so I kept my answers short. I am sure you are going to get some helpful advice from readers who are reading this post.

Now, its your turn to continue the discussion. Yes you, the one reading this post. Would you like to help Susheel with his questions? 

1. How do you search for targeted followers?

2. Whats the frequency of your social media updates? And what do you mostly share on your social media accounts?

3. How do you gently say "no" to people who always want to seek some help or advice from you? 

Please do leave your answers in the comments box below because you suggestions may just be what someone else might be looking for.

Also if you know someone - your friend, family member or anyone who you think can benefit from this post, please do send them a link to this post or share it on social media.

Have any questions for me? Send them using the contact form

Thank you for reading. Be Rohanlicious. 

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