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13 Remarkable Situations Which Fascinates Bloggers Quickly


Blogging as a career is quite interesting and difficult to live with, unless you know the hooks and crooks of effective and smart blogging.

May I ask you, “When you entered into blogging”, or “Since how many years you’re into blogging” (which I normally ask), there would be definitive answer for some - with few months or few years of experience.

But, if it was to ask “How you entered to blogging arena”, there lies an interesting story. Each of you might have different and creative stories to share on how blogging aroused you and the reason behind your interest.

The reasons can be of knowing about “Money Making Online” or “Digital Marketing” or to “showcase your writing skills”, or “express your views” about a particular niche.

So, throughout your blogging journey, there might be some interesting instances which made you fascinated and lead your motivation ignited.

Yes, I’m here with a few (13) random Remarkable situations which every blogger faces that makes him excited about it.

1) Your First Interview makes you Mad

During your initial stages of blogging, you try to interact with fellow bloggers of your same niche, or you try to follow great bloggers of your industry. 

You feel flowing with the crowd performing great works, and one fine day, someone e-mails you or asks you on social media for an Interview on his/her blog. 

Your reaction would be absolutely speechless, because it’s the first time you’re going to get exposed to a larger crowd, and you would never neglect it.

Anyways, I’m not of this category, since I’m not yet interviewed. But
I remember about my friend Shubham Srivastava, who got interviewed and he was quite excited about it. 

Subham's Facebook status update

2) The Giant AdSense Approval

Many bloggers have been introduced to blogging by learning about its money making potential, and surely you might heard about AdSense. 

You write great quality contents, drive some traffic and apply for Adsense to get approved. Getting it approved on your first attempt is just awesome and you won’t forget that “Permanent Approved” mail from Google.

Even I got my AdSense approved on my first attempt, while some others get rejected. 

Few days back, Mukesh Annamalai, got his adsense approved on his first attempt, and his happiness converted into a great blog post and a social media update. 

Mukesh's Facebook status update

3) The Tweeto effect

Twitter is one of the marketing social media platform, where you follow great personalities of your industry, re-tweet or sometimes reply to their tweets. 

You might gradually increase your followers.

But, it can happen, one fine morning, you see a notification showing “XYZ followed you”, and this may be a great personality you’ve been following.

That proud moment when you feel like a pro-blogger, and you make a status about that on other social media site like Facebook. 

Rohan Chaubey (founder of #Be Rohanlicious) is a classic example, where he gets followed by well known and renowned bloggers and celebs. Checkout his twitter guide on Harleena Mam’s blog (Aha!NOW) here

4) First Affiliate or product sale

Affiliate marketing and selling one’s own products, is one of the keynote by many pro-bloggers as money incoming source in this era. 

Getting sale of own product or even doing Affiliate marketing is not easy as it seems. Right strategies can bring you success.

Even I too failed in this Affiliate marketing, but I won’t quit! 

5) First Guest Post

Guest Blogging has been a trend among pro and new bloggers. Even huge Authority blogs depend upon guest blogging.

You might remember your first guest posting offer you got, the excitement and dedication you had was tremendous. You wanted to give the best to showcase to huge audience. 

The day your first guest post gets published, you are thrilled for the awaiting comments and traffic to your post. You are exposed to 10x times more bloggers than you normally interact with.

Well this is my Third guest post, and I’m happy to have an offer directly by blog owner (Rohan Chaubey).

6) Hike in Quality comments

Getting quality comments on your blog, is a key aspect for your blogging success. 

You write many posts during the initial stages of your blog, but it is a depressing situation when there is no traffic to your blog. No comments. No feedbacks.

You slowly start your journey with sharing your blog posts on popular social sites, commenting on others blogs, doing guest blogging; all this results in sudden hike of comments on your blog.

Those comments might make your day, and motivate you to write more. 
Harleena ma’am is well known pro-blogger at Aha-now, referred as “Commenting Queen” in blogosphere due to her in-depth informative and huge comments.

7) Blast of Traffic

Traffic to your blog may be very low in starting stages. 

Building a loyal readers base is a must, due to which you get direct traffic to your blog. 

Posting on Fan pages, or directory pages brings a quick traffic to your site.  

The reason behind building a readers base, you get confirmed readers who are surely going to read your posts. 

So it is like indirectly multiplying your traffic. Getting viral traffic not only fascinates you, but also maintains the thirst to write more.

8) Getting #1 rank in Google search

Organic traffic is huge when your post gets ranked on Google searches.

Getting ranked on first page of Google is not so easy. Google uses 200+ factors to rank your page for particular keyword.

What if your post gets #1 in Google for High competitive keyword, for example - Brian Dean is ranking for keyword “backlinks” in #3 position. The traffic you get will just be Gigantic. You would suddenly feel accomplished by getting huge ranking. 

9)  Craziest Blog Post Ideas

You get started with your blog, with few post ideas lasting for few weeks.

What’s next?

Now you need to think or research for ideas to post the future. As you do your research, you will surely get some craziest post ideas which are capable to get viral traffic. 

Mind you, this blog post idea stroke me at 3:00am morning while I was in my bed. Thought for a while, and found this could be a better blog post which I can write. I immediately took my pen and started jotting my points.

10) Get mentioned by Pro-bloggers

Throughout your blogging journey, you might find such exciting experience of getting mentioned by Pro-bloggers. 

It can be on social media or on blogs. Sometimes your hard work might get addressed by them and you may receive a backlink. 

Yes, it is indeed a thrilling experience. 

11) Hike in Subscribers

Email marketing is an essential tool and mostly recommended by all the Bloggers. 

Getting subscribers to your blog is not simple.

The trust, the quality of posts and even the placement of Subscription boxes converts a normal visitor to a subscriber.

Brain Dean, recently revealed how his conversion rates for doubled by using SumoMe List-builder. Read his happiness here

12) Auto Share Effect

This isn’t the situation when bloggers use the Auto Sharing tools for marketing.

Rather a way better effect, where you marketed your content to your subscribers, fans and followers, and see a hike in traffic and shares. {Auto-share effect....Yea}

13) Winning a Giveaway

Giveaway is an attention grabbing and effective marketing strategy to drive large traffic.

There are lots of giveaways, where you can participate, and get rewards if you win.

It is a shocking situation when you win a giveaway for the first time, no matter small or big. This would really fascinate you.

Philip sir won a giveaway from a marketing and promotion platform and he got so excited that we wrote a post about it on his blog. 


That’s it, these were a few situations where you get thrilled. There isn’t any end to this list, still many maybe be left. Let me know about more such situations in the comments section below. 


Justin Philip
Justin Philip is an Indian software developer and computer engineer as profession. He loves blogging and connecting with people. He is an avid subscriber who is Interested in Hacking, security researching, playing keyboard and watching movies. Connect with him on Facebook.  

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