Imagine if you could launch your own product and get hundreds and thousands of customers buying from you. 

How would you feel if you could grow your business to the point that online is just a supplement to the core business?

Ever dreamt of being known by everyone as a successful entreprenuer or blogger and build a network that moves the land even when you are offline for a long time?

Do you want more from your online business — more money, more support and more customers?

At Be Rohanlicious, me and my readers believe in taking things to the next level. That is why,  we have invited REAL celebrity experts that will help you with their proven strategies to take your game to the next level.

Please help me in welcoming globally recognized speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, web television hosts, life coaches, bloggers and the heroes that rule the hearts of millions.

Expert Speak 3

Last two months I spent researching and finding influencers that could teach you how to become famous and get real attention online. I’ve been working for almost two months on this post.

We see blog posts that tell us, “Make People Want You” but they never actually want you to know the little secret that will help you to take your game to the next level.

Until now, most of us never knew how high profile influencers and celebrities lead their tribes. In this post, influencers themselves have agreed to join hands to help you shine online. They’re willing to share their strategies that are proven to help you achieve the best in your online endeavours.

How To Beat Your Competition Online? 

Do you’ve a book, digital product or service to sell to your audience? Neil Patel shared his winning strategy on how to beat the competition in a talk with Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of Mindvalley) —

Niel Patel
Neil Patel

“In the business world people think you should have the best product and be the smartest to win, it is usually the person who is most liked and the most well networked that typically wins. 

So instead of spending your time just focusing purely on building your product or company you gotta figure out how to network and be loved. What I mean by being loved is try to figure out what makes you unique versus anyone else.” – Neil Patel. 

Tweetable: “In the business world, the person who is most liked and the most well networked typically wins.” – Neil Patel. Tweet

About Niel: Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama. Know more about him by visiting his blog quicksprout. 

Niel Patel’s Winning Formula

I found a great video on Marie Forleo’s website on how to hide your industry secrets or business secret sauce. Make sure you watch it till the end and then continue reading.

This video was originally published on and I’ve got permission from Team Forleo to re-publish it here. 

About Marie: Marie Forleo is an American life coach, motivational speaker, author and web television host. She is the owner of Marie Forleo International, B-School and MarieTV. Want to know about her latest product? Visit

I’m sure you’ve met people who love to pick your brain, but ultimately the control is in your hands whether you want to share your secrets with them or not. 
Eric Michael Pearson Photography

Be wise while sharing sensitive business/blogging secrets with your competitors and share your gifts with people who truly deserve it. 

How will you find out who deserves to know the recipe of your secret sauce? 

Every time someone asks you a question try to answer this question — Is this person trustworthy? Do he/she believes in reciprocity? 

If the answer is no, say “No” to people who want to pick your brain. 

Rise Above The Noise

Do you feel that your niche is too crowded? What if you could rule your niche and be seen as an authority? 

I asked my friend Imran to share his top 3 strategies he follows to “rise above the noise” in order to win the blogging game. 

He said,”My top strategy is and you may disagree with me but I believe that success is not something you pursue, it is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.

This is my personal philosophy which I have developed after reading and listening to some of the best philosophers in the world. 

My first and the biggest strategy is to make myself a better person. A more “attractive” person by learning, reading, listening and understanding. This will bring the “flare” and “value” in my writing and my blog which will make it stand out of the crowd.

It is not a short journey though, it takes time but I am up for it. 

Secondly, as a less than year old blogger, I am not in a position to fix a strategy and keep working on it without seeing its results. So “flexibility” on the lines of “continuous improvement” is my second strategy. 

I take blogging as an art which is mastered with practice, learning and skills. The magic formula does not come overnight, it is crafted with months and years of practice. 

I am on a continuous journey to refine and fine-tune my writing and content quality and I believe that this will gradually make me “rise above the noise”. 

A step (no matter how small) at a time. 

Here is the third one. 

Follow the “ant philosophy” which is to “never give up”. You stop an ant from its work and it finds another way to do what it intends to do. And it keeps doing that until it either reaches to its destination or die. 

Consistency and persistence are paramount. Blogging is a game of endurance and your audience will know if you are there to win it. They will respect you and follow you for your this trait and this will differentiate you and your content from the others.” 

Ahmad Imran

Let me introduce you to Imran, in case you don’t know much about him. He is one of the creative minds who helps me to present this Expert Speak posts to you. He also participated in — 

Ahmad Imran is the founder of REASONTOUSE.COM. A personal technology review site which covers high-end Android smartphones, Chromebooks and WordPress blogging. REASONTOUSE is not another typical tech-review site. It is a personal diary of his tech-experience shared with the wider world. 
Blogging is a game of endurance

Tweetable: “Success is not something you pursue, it is something you attract by becoming an attractive person” – Ahmad Imran. Tweet

Tweetable: “Blogging is a game of endurance. Follow the “ant philosophy” which is to “never give up” – Ahmad Imran. Tweet

If you’re a blogger it won’t take you long to realize that you’ve to “rise above the noise” to win the game. 

I asked Brent Jones to share his top 3 strategies that helps him to achieve this objective. 
Brent Jones

Brent Says,”Rising above the noise has everything to do with making strategic choices. You don’t need to do something wildly original; you just need to do everything with a purpose. 

Your audience will appreciate that.

For instance… 

(1) Leverage those in your niche that already have a following.

When I started my video interview series – Better Blogging – the objective wasn’t to uncover the secrets of the universe in every episode; rather, it was to hear one single message from one single authoritative source.

So when I interviewed Carol Amato and she talked about becoming known as the Coach with Heart, that wasn’t a new story. Heck, you can find it in her own words on her blog.

But it was new to a lot of my audience. And I was new to a lot of her audience. We were able to leverage the following we both already had without reinventing the wheel. It was all about taking an existing idea and re-purposing it into something actionable for both her audience and mine.

In essence, each episode of Better Blogging helps both my guest and I rise above the noise by pooling our combined credibility.

(2) Be honest about who you serve.

You can’t be all things to all people. And when you cast the net too wide, you end up losing your best followers and customers. In other words, you become the noise that people try to tune out.

At the end of the day, my business isn’t about creating the content or publishing the message I want to see; rather, it’s about delivering on what my audience wants to see. Further, bills get paid when I deliver the work and results my clients expect to see.

When I keep the best interests of my followers and clients top of mind, it adds clarity to everything I do.

(3) Be consistent.

People buy from people they like and trust. And by consistently delivering on what you say, you gain credibility. That isn’t a secret.

Studies have found that familiarity is the single strongest element of attraction; therefore, repetition is key. People need to become familiar with what you are all about.

That isn’t to say you should create noise by promoting the same content over and over again. Instead, I focus on maintaining a consistent voice, presence and message each time I have the opportunity to engage with potential customers.”

I completely agree with Imran and Brent. 

Tweetable: “Familiarity is the single strongest element of attraction; therefore, repetition is key.”- Brent Jones. Tweet

About Brent:  Brent Jones and is a freelancer, blogger, and internet marketer. He is the host of Better Blogging – a  video interview series that explores the best practices of successful bloggers. 

Be More Authentic And Vulnerable 

While I was researching for my upcoming e-book “Make People Want You”, I stumbled upon Lewis Howes’s interview with Tom Bilyeu on Inside Quest. Here is a mini-clip from the interview —

After watching the interview I felt Lewis would be the best person to interview for my upcoming book. But realizing how busy he is with the launch of his own book “The School Of Greatness” I thought of just sending him a friendly e-mail. And I asked his thoughts on embracing vulnerability. 

He replied to my e-mail in form of a tweetable — 

“I think vulnerability creates connection and makes us more likable and relatable than ever.” – Lewis Howes. Tweet 

Photo Credit:

Listen to Lewis Howes podcast’s 200th episode where he talks about vulnerability. 

Here’s is something about me. I feel vulnerable when I post my pictures online. I don’t like being photographed, but I love photographing. 

To show my vulnerable side to my audience, I made an Instagram account and posted my recent pictures. 

One of my fellow introverted friend Swadhin commented – “This move of yours shows the real power of vulnerability“. 

I felt accomplished after reading his comment because that is exactly what I wanted to show to my audience. 

A photo posted by Rohan Chaubey (@rohanchaubey) on

I recently wrote a guest post on my friend Swadhin’s blog, make sure you check that infographic guest post. I’ve talked more on vulnerability there. >> 3 Secrets To Make People Like You Online

Make yourself lovable and your content shareable.

I asked Wade Harman, who is an ex coal miner and social media coaching enthusiast, about his strategies to make content lovable and shareable. He is the host of a Google+ hangout show known as “Relationship Marketing Show“.

Wade Harman

Wade says,”One of my biggest, best, and easiest strategies that I have found that works for me and anyone else crazy enough to do it is to just be myself. I’m a hick with a coarse background, rough and tumble, and, when I first started blogging, I wanted to hide that part of my life because I felt people didn’t want to see that part of me.

When I realized that it was uncomfortable to be someone else, I just got tired of playing around so I just felt that if someone couldn’t accept me for who I am then they’re not meant to be following me.

As far as content, I make it all about the reader.  In order to do this, I have to engage in conversation to see what they need to know about so I can give it to them.  This is the best way.  To be a servant and serve everyone that you can.  You have to come to the conclusion that if people are looking for answers, they will get them from someone, so it might as well be you.”  

Tweetable: “If someone couldn’t accept me for who I am then they’re not meant to be following me.” – Wade Harman. Tweet

Strategize The Right Way 

How your blog or business performs completely depends on your strategies and its implementation.

I asked Eddie and Ankit Singla to share the “1-thing” that is absolutely vital and sits on the top of their list to get heard, liked, shared and followed.

Here is what Eddie Gear says —

Eddie Gear

“The number one factor that defines a blogger’s success in my opinion is the trust that he/she builds with peers and readers.

My strategy to building trust is using Social Media and email.

First I load up Twitter and search for #hashtags that I’m interested in reading. Once I find valuable content, I take note of the person who shared it or created it.

Later in the day, I send out an outreach email and if they react to the email its time to engage and build trust. I follow them on social platforms, share their content and tell them what a good job they are doing.

I communicate regularly so that they remember who I am and how much I appreciate their efforts. This helps build trust and mutual respect.
Soon, they will start following you and sharing your content on a regular basis and take your recommendations seriously. In fact, I even make affiliate sales to them from time to time.” 

About Eddie: Eddie Gear is an entrepreneur, author and blogger who blogs at

Tweetable: “The number one factor that defines a blogger’s success is the trust.” – Eddie Gear. Tweet

Here is what Ankit Singla suggests —

Ankit Singla

“The only secret to making your content appreciable by your audience is to make them super helpful. Being for over 5 years in the blogging world, I have learnt certain strategies that make my posts more shareable and lovable by my readers.
Here goes all:

1) Write clear, easy to read, and problem solving articles:

As far as your blog posts touch a certain aspect of your audience’s problems and tries to solve them they will be loved. Address the problem and then show them how to solve it.

One more thing I would say is use a lot of “you” and “your” in your posts. We don’t get our blogs read by groups of people in classes; they are read by single users sitting behind their digital screens. So make them feel that your posts are written exclusively for them.

2) Give them an experience of a lifetime:

One of my most recent strategies that has almost doubled my shares and visitor count is giving my readers a better user experience. My strategy includes adding a lot of (relevant) graphics in my blog posts.

Images in a blog post help to grab the attention of the reader. Well optimized images and visuals also bring in more shares for the blog posts. I have written all about creating optimized images here.

The second element of this strategy is to format the posts into easy to understand bits.” 

About Ankit: Ankit Singla is an Internet Marketer, Search Engine Optimizer, Full time blogger and a graphic designer. He has been featured on NDTV prime and many other blogs and media outlets. 


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