Charles Gordon author of the “The secrets of Empowerment” 

Charles Gordon author of “The Secrets of Empowerment” shares some of his expert tips on creating networks and personal development within those connections.


For years children have been reared on the proverbs extolling the importance of wisely selecting one’s associates. Words such as “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” are frequently branded into the impressionable minds of young ones by any means necessary.

The reason why a person’s associates can be likened to a symbolic crystal ball for the future is understood against the backdrop of peer pressure. 

When venturing into business, it is very important that when selecting associates try not to allow your heart to rule your head. 

As the clueless soul who falls prey to the crew mentality or the individual who has only known crap company will find that they will eventually end up being lead by the blind, who can only direct him to a future of monotony, confusion and failure.

I know many a successful entrepreneur who vowed that if they ever made it they would never turn their back on their buddies, but change the tune if necessary. Some have even assisted their friends who have had the attitude needed to follow the road to Empowerment.

So when choosing associates select those who are staring at the stars, rather than the gutter and those who think outside the box, rather than those who may cause you to end up in the box. 

Even if some of your fondest memories revolve around certain colorful characters who you have known way back when, if they are dragging you down rather than lift you up to the stars make changes!


When in Rome do as the Romans do” meaning try to go along with local customs and traditions as much as possible so as not to insult. Also meaning, adapt to the environment that surround you.

The early century Romans considered those who failed to act like them as outcasts, and as humans we still have the tendency to reject those things or people who are viewed as alien to us. 

So if you are aiming to attain influence, you must realize that you can’t afford to be too different from those who oil the wheel of power, otherwise you will be rejected.

Learn how to adapt to the different environments like a chameleon as those in power are unlikely to allow you in unless they are convinced of earning money from a partnership with you– the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” principle. That’s why it is often said that money breeds money, and the same can be true of power.

As I’ve often related to in the past, when I was a young man coming up into the business world, I thought taking a trip to the bank in a tracksuit to ask for a loan was an alright thing to do. 

Then I later learnt that dressing informally for a formal occasion took the seriousness out of my request and I looked like an alien to the banker who had to deal with me. 

To some people, adapting to the environment may seem like selling out and it might be, if a long-term goal isn’t in place. However, always being aware of your surroundings in the world of business can result in people seeing you for what you want them to see you as: successful.


A business person without a network isn’t a business person.” – Charles GordonTweet

The popular saying that to get ahead of life what’s most important is not what you know, but who you know. 

Charles Gordon

Which in this context can be proven true, as many have wasted precious time hitting their heads against figurative glass ceilings, getting all battered and bruised, when they could simply use the key of networking to go through the door of opportunity.

The reality of life is that although a brilliant business mind may theoretically know how to earn a million selling particular product or service, trying to pry open the doors that will make it all happen is a completely different challenge. An effective network can bridge the gap.

Your network or contacts are the keys that are used when necessary to unlock the door of opportunity. 

These individuals influence are persons who can say to the door-keeper: “If you scratch my back, you know I’ll scratch yours, and what’s more, I can vouch for this guy’s credibility.

However, contacts are not only needed when trying to enter the door of opportunity. 

They are there for you when you are on your personal development journey. You should also play your part in developing them, because overtime it will seem like you’re using them for their power. Even though you are, view it as a long-term investment which can help to earn a healthy profit by clinching deals and developing formidable reputations.

The secrets of emPOWERment

So from these few tips networking and personal development in the business world wouldn’t seem as hard. Maybe a challenge. By following the rules of society you will end up with just satisfactory, but thinking outside of the box will lead to Empowerment

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